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Glitch in tech republic????

By Terry_V ·
I was just looking at all the questions in "my questions" and it says to check the checkbox next to the question to remove it from the list. There are no checkboxes.

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Unsubscribe checkbox

by Joseph Moore In reply to Glitch in tech republic?? ...

Actually, if you "subscribe" to a question you either post yourself, or post an answer to, you will get an e-mail notification when someone posts to that question.
You would then have a checkbox next to that question.
You can unsubscribe (i.e. stop getting the e-mails) from the questions by clicking the checkbox and hitting a Submit button.

That checkbox you are reading about doesn't delete the question from your queue.

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Another bug

by TheChas In reply to Glitch in tech republic?? ...

Yes, it looks like another bug in the web site code.

When you view a discussion or question, do you see a "print" button?

Some peers do not see the print button on the discussion or Q&A pages.

I started a discussion about the missing print button, and some peers could see it, others did not have it.

TR posted to the thread, and stated that they were working on a fix to the code.

I just looked at My Questions from my XP system, and I do have the check boxes next to my subscribed questions.

On this system, I also have the print option.

On another system, I do not have the print button.
I will check and see if it shows the check boxes for subscribed questions.


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The amazing reappearing ad ....

by jardinier In reply to Glitch in tech republic?? ...

For a couple of weeks now, a large advertisement has appeared at the top of the TR home page. The next day it is gone, the next day it is back again.

The irony is not lost of this website for computer professionals being unable to produce a relatively non-complex website that is stable and fully functional.

Now here is a serious suggestion. Why not ask TR to start a competition to design a website that actually works, and award the winner with a large number of tech points? (No Techrepublic T-shirts or coffee mugs, thank you).

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It just doesn't work like it used to

by Oz_Media In reply to Glitch in tech republic?? ...

You used to be able to just go to my discussions without subscribing and all of the recent discussions would be listed. If one had received updated posts, it would move to the top of the list. It was excellent!

Then Tech Republic 'improved' the site and it hasn't worked since. Apparenlt ythey are working on it, they are also apparently sending outr prizes for last years contest, apparently adding several improvements to the discussion forums, apparently fixing the Questions and Answers issue qith everyone posting incorrectly due to a navigation issue.

Apparently it will be good again, one day. Hope the improvements turn out as good as the last site they built that actually worked.

Sorry TR, you just haven't been living up to your promises lately.

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