global group vs local group

By redgolffer ·
what is the benefit of having a global group versus a local group on windows server 2003?

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good ?

by redgolffer In reply to global group vs local gro ...

I was given that question on a recent interview, and I didn't have an answer to it, so I am not sure what the benefit is on having a global group versus a local group on windows server 2003.

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by IC-IT In reply to good ?

Did they ask for the difference in a global group vs a domain local group or just a plain local group?
Basically belonging to just a local group only applies to rights and permissions on an individual computer.
A domain local group has the same rights and permissions within the domain.
A global group has the same rights and permissions throughout the forest.
This was only a very basic answer. Here is a link for just a bit more (but still simple) explaination.

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in addition to bwilmots info

by CG IT In reply to Clarity

global groups are used collect users into a logical hierarchy to grant permissions for file and folder access using the domain local group.

The benefit is that it's easier to keep track of, and document, permissions using domain local and global groups instead of assigning rights to individual users. If a user leaves, or moves to different departments, you can just remove their membership from the Global Group.

There's this A-G-DL-P method Microsoft came up with for Group Security.

A= Users G = Global Group DL= Domain Local P= Permissions

Note: This is a network security question as well as an network design question for Active Directory.

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