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global outsourcing of IT departments

By jalander ·
My former company has decided to outsource 80% of Systems and Programming. We the long time employees that worked day and night, carried beepers, and always delivered a workable product trained our 'replacements'. It was part of getting serverance. I have a Master's degree in Computer Resource and Information Management and 24 yrs in the business. I am a 'mainframe' person. The 'team lead' was 25 yrs old from a country I won't name and did not know any accounting priniciples, data processing or simple jcl. The rest of his team could not 'speak' English but they could read English. I simply don't know how they will support the sub-system we turned over to them. But it is not my problem anymore being I am now laid off. I felt just as sorry for him and his people as I did for us. Both groups were victims of corporate greed. Let get it cheaper, these are just overpaid techkies.

Does anyone else have a simular experience? When did it become OK to devalue our profession? I worked with bright, educated, experienced, hard-working people from every country and racial background.

Once the middle class is eliminated in this country, will the US still be number one?

I intend to find a job in my field. I'm not giving up my profession.

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