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Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?

By ProtiusX ·
For those of you who know me or remember me will remember that I like to discuss topics that are contentious and spark debate. For me this is one of them. In my opinion the premise that humans have initiated a catastrophic cycle of global warming is utter non-sense. I believe the science used by our illustrious former vice president was at best misrepresented.

For those of you who would like to debate the issue I would like you to answer one question:
What caused the massive climate shifts that scientists have discovered that occurred prior to the 19th century and the industrial age? If man wasn?t driving vehicles and over populating the world what caused these temperature changes?

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There are

by zlitocook In reply to Global Warming - Fact or ...

A lot of theories about the climate shift from tectonic plate shifts that brought magma close to surface but did not cause a volcano. That caused changes in ocean temps. Which can cause massive temperature changes. Gasses released from volcanoes can cause a heating effect. There are a lot of thoughts on it.
But global warming is going on now; if you need any proof read any real scientific journals.

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Screw whether it's Fact or Fiction..

by tryskadec In reply to There are

we've had 20 odd years to sort that conclusion otu for ourselves.

The more pressing concern I have is what's everybody's plan for when it all goes to **** in a handbasket?

Whether it is from cataclysmic climate change, The end of the fossil fuel era, or just good old fashion war?

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Oh that plan

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Screw whether it's Fact o ...

Politicians and their families, friends, lovers and pets hole up in a bunker.
We all die, then they vote themselves in again.

Thought everyone knew that.

For anyone who survives out of the bunkers, we should make a pact to kill the fkers when they come up for air.

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I'm all for making a pact....

by tryskadec In reply to Oh that plan

personally I've got plans for a compound - I just need to find some big burly men with firearms to hang out with us.

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by Mr Stumper In reply to Screw whether it's Fact o ...

I'm waitin for the Rapture...I'll be in heaven and the rest of you heathens will have to deal with it!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!


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baha. I really do hope the

by tryskadec In reply to Me?

Rapture comes. It would make life soooo much easier for the rest of us.

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You're in big trouble

by maxwell edison In reply to Global Warming - Fact or ...

Just wait until Neil gets a hold of you.

But you've been gone. We've already decided that the Interstate Highway system causes global warming because of all the heat-absorbing concrete! Some people, however, disagree. (Search some of my old discussions for the questions you're asking yourself right now -- if you want to take the time, that is.)

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Maybe we didn't do it!!

by mjd420nova In reply to Global Warming - Fact or ...

If all the knowledge we believe is right, then there is a possibilty. BUT Do we have all the knowledge we need to make these decisions?? I know we don't. With over 70 percent water and what do we really know about our oceans?? If there is one thing we need to remember is that as we evolve, so does our planet but our understanding of this is but the literal TIP OF THE ICEBERG. Mother nature as some describe it. The unpredictable nature of this planet and its mechanisms both above an below the surface and the interactions will never be understood. I laugh in the face of the UFO buffs. The Time/space boundary will not and can never be breached. What we have here in our solar system is what we have and all we'll have. We have to learn to work with it and attempt to understand. Can and will this ever be done?? Now there's the question.

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One one hand - On the other hand

by maxwell edison In reply to Maybe we didn't do it!!

On one hand, you say that we possess little knowledge, and what we know (of the oceans) is just the tip of the iceberg. But on the other hand you say that the time/space boundary can never be breached. Perhaps that knowledge, too, is buried somewhere deep in that iceberg you mentioned. (What unknown laws of physics are yet to be discovered?)

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Every generation it seems

by TonytheTiger In reply to One one hand - On the oth ...

thinks they are the last word. If we knew everything, we'd know we knew everything. And since we don't, we don't. :)

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