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Global Warming: The cold, Hard Facts?

Here is an article written by a climatologist from Canada. Now I wouldn't normally side with a Canadien, but this one is dead on I think.

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Well thanks for that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Global Warming: The cold, ...

I loved the bouncy ads and the popup.

The article however was less enjoyable.

"I'm a climatologist, I contend we aren't causing global warming....."

Because ?

Why ?

No better than a tree hugger crying about an oak's loss of leaves. Waste of time.

I can see a good career as a politician for him, they are good at "I know best, trust me", from that article as a scientist, he sucks.

Thomas Kuhn was right, this guy seems to have a problem with chaos theory for starters. Significant change, sheesh.

I don't have a problem with which side of the debate someone sits on, because I say so isn't an argument I accept from anyone though, don't care how many degrees they've got.

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Unsubstantiated claims; and, old news.

by deepsand In reply to Global Warming: The cold, ...

This very same press clip has been previously trotted out as "proof" that global warmng and/or man's role in such are non-existent.

The problem is that it offers up naught but an opinion, making absolutely no attempt at supporting such.

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re:global warming

by Wesselss In reply to Global Warming: The cold, ...

If we are to believe that global warming is a reality, then how will it affect us all in the years to come and what can we do about it?

Rising sea levels would cause severe flooding which would displace thousands of people and the country's agricultural system would be badly affected. Coastal flooding would affect animals and plants and of course fresh water supplies.

Many islands would disappear. Coral reefs would be submerged subjecting the local population to stronger storm surges.

Cities would require extensive infrastructure developments to ensure the supply of utilities such as power, communication, transportation and most importantly fresh water. Attempts would have to be made to reduce the impact of further flooding.

So it would seem that the lifestyle we have become accustomed to will have to be adjusted if we are to reduce the impact of these catastrophic events.
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