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    Having opened a message in my Gmail inbox I see the paperclip icon indicating an attachment. However the icon appears grayed out, and clicking it does nothing. I know there’s nothing wrong with the attachment, as I had the sender send a duplicate message to another email address I use, and I could easily view the same attachment. Why can’t I open the attachment from my Gmail message?

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      I suspect….

      by birdmantd ·

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      …. that the attachment is in a format that your device cannot open. You didn’t mention if it is on a desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet that you are encountering this on. Not enough information provided to offer an opinion.

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      Re: attachment

      by kees_b ·

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      Was it possible to download or save (or whatever the app you use calls it) the attachment? What extension (like .jpg or .docx) does it have? Can you open it after downloading it?

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        Additional information

        by ·

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        Thanks, birdmantd and kees-b, for your interest.

        I use with my Win10-based laptop. I was able to open and read the message after downloading it from the duplicate message [received at my primary email address]. The attachment is a pdf.

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          Re: attachment

          by kees_b ·

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          That’s strange indeed.

          Time for a bit of research.
          1. If you forward that mail yourself to your other (primary) e-mail address (in stead of asking the sender to do that), can you read that message.
          2. If you send a mail with a .pdf-attachment from your primary e-mailaddress to your gmail-account, is it blocked also? Or was this a fluke in this particular mail you received?

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      Further response

      by theskillspool ·

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      I sincerely regret that I’ve been occupied with other matters and cannot at this time identify the problematic message/attachment. If the problem recurs I’ll follow your guidance and if necessary resubmit. I am grateful for your interest,

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      Reply To: Gmail

      by Waseem Akram ·

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      May be the attachment in that format that your computer does not support. or i am just wondering this issue occuers in which device.if this is in <a href=”
      “>mobile then that does not very alarming situation.

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