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    Gmail account holder’s emails are being sent to her own spam folder


    by maggyver1 ·

    I support a Gmail user who regularly copies herself on certain emails she sends to others. I know it’s redundant, but she’s a senior and a novice at computers, so it’s worked for her for years. Recently, in the last few months, Gmail has been consistently relegating her messages to Spam. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for her, and I’m at an impasse.

    I’ve set up a filter in Gmail that 1) Marks her messages as Important; 2) “do not send to Spam”; 3) Move to Inbox and I’ve verified that her own email address is listed in her Contacts. I’ve made sure that she always includes a subject line and has more text in the email rather than just a URL. This behavior happens even when she is not accessing her mail through a 3rd party client. (She uses Outlook desktop, but I had her keep it closed and use ONLY the Gmail interface for 4 days to ensure the behavior still occurs, which it does)

    Even with all these factors in place, her messages continue to be sent to spam. I understand that free Gmail accounts are not eligible for support from Google, and the common words in this issue make keyword searching nearly impossible for Googling. Not sure what else to try. Does anyone have an idea of why this would still be happening?

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      Bad news.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Gmail account holder’s emails are being sent to her own spam folder

      This issue has been reported often. Let’s read

      The bad news is that no one has a solid fix. Maybe you need to try all that was noted at link and consider trying an Email Client like Thunderbird rather than the web client.

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      spam folder

      by smmstrategysociall ·

      In reply to Gmail account holder’s emails are being sent to her own spam folder

      What it means is that you must have, in the past, albeit erroneously or inadvertently, marked a message from this address as spam or phishing, thereby removing it from your inbox and sending to your Spam folder. Such acts can/may also cause messages from the same sender to Spam in the future.

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        by maggyver1 ·

        In reply to spam folder

        Hi, I’m not sure you read my whole message. The sender is the account holder herself. Even if a message was marked spam erroneously in the past, it should be reversed if she marks the new messages as Not Spam, yes?

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          I did read it.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Hmm

          “Here are the things I have tried to correct this since
          – I select them all and click “not spam”. This moves it back to the inbox but the same behaviour repeats
          – I added my name to the address book
          – I added a filter saying no emails from that address be marked as spam.

          None of these have been successful so far.”

          Remember that the example I linked to is just one of some thousand prior discussions about this issue. All of them seem to use the Web Gmail interface which is why I suggest trying Thunderbird next time.

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          Apologies @rprofitt

          by maggyver1 ·

          In reply to I did read it.

          I was replying to the other person on this thread. Thank you for your response and I could tell you read my post 🙂

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          Thanks. I thought I’d clarify anyway.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Apologies @rprofitt

          I feel this issue is one that Google will have to address when the usual fixes aren’t working.

          That said most of the time this seems to not be reported by the person that has the issue but someone that is supporting the person with the issue.

          I’m sure you’ve run into that situation.

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      spam folder

      by kathleenrowan ·

      In reply to Gmail account holder’s emails are being sent to her own spam folder

      How to stop emails going to spam in Gmail by setting up a filter
      Open the desired email.
      Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the email.
      Select “Filter messages like these.” Select “Filter messages like these.” Stephanie Lin/Business Insider.
      Set your filter parameters and select “Create filter.”

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        @amfan220 I already listed that in my original email

        by maggyver1 ·

        In reply to spam folder

        Thank you for your reply, but you’re suggesting something that has already been done.

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