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GMail Initiative! Revisited!

By Dr. Al Olaimi ·
I did not expect the overwhelming responses that my previous article generated.
Setting aside the emotional ones, I believe I owe an apology if not coupled with an explanation to every concerned individual for the poor linguistic presentation.

I wrote the article at an airport, standing on my feet, using generic terminal, and trying to write an article - one shot - in a 5? square box that would re-reading the previous paragraph a bit difficult. At that point I felt that the keyboard was the bottleneck of my thoughts. Speed was too another thing to tackle because boarding has already begun. I would say I was unjust to both the topic and the readers. Again, I apologies.

I am pretty much sure that the idea was well perceived, yet readers in general are into one of three categories.
1. Content centric,
2. Format centric, and
3. Passive critic (blend of both 1 & 2, with don?t care attitude!)

I sincerely thank those who commented with constructive objectivity, for thy shared the idea. And many folds thankful for those who enlightened me with their critique, for thy forced me to revise my standard level of communication. (Oh Lord shed mercy upon thy guided me to truth!)

Need say more! Only special thanks to my new friend Mr. Michael Bains, whom was extremely generous and courageous to carry out the critique one-to-one.

I suppose if I elaborate more it would end up as poetic as many would like it not! Hence, Halting and revisiting GMail!

I. GMail is still a project on the drawing board of Google.

II. Google is a commercial entity, therefore financial support is needed.

III. Email scanning was merely a theoretical point of view, Google need not to consult me in its validity as my anticipated POV was.

IV. Scientific discussion is by far the hardest debates that could be conducted as long as there are serious brains behind it.

V. Google have the potential to the next generation Net-engine like, not only net-search ?engine. This idea makes me wonder about ?what is next??

VI. Spam is out there and flourishing, rumors saying that virus writers are teaming up with spammers! How factious is this, I am simply clueless.

VII. Again, let us imagine that a tiny software was developed by Google, to be loaded on every single private mail server (for nominal fee) that would buffer any bulk email-out in order to scan identical patterns and irregularities in email usage (who knows, maybe this would an ideal solution to block worm like viruses from taken over local email clients!). But Google would need a testing environment for its software, ?I am theoretician?), what be better than their own environment? Novell did it and still doing it for more than five years so far. (

VIII. Another argument is that most advertisement needn?t to be embedded inside the email body, like Microsoft?s hotbar, or Yahoo?s trailing signature. However, cyber space demographic statistical analysis is very important for advertisers. Very much like census department (not censes as I was corrected before!), this department?s role is to provide an unbiased opinion and never get involved in advertisement, yet almost %100 of marketing agencies are depending on its publications and statistical analysis. Not, how about commercializing Google census department (the modern age census department!!!!!)?

Finaly, the topic could easily folk out into major sub-topics. However I am very much enthused to receive adequate replies with subjective originality ;-)

p.s Have I mentioned that English language is my third language? Yep not even the second! :)

Dr. Olaimi

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