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Go to work during bad weather?

By MirrorMirror ·
With the start of winter, our CEO sent out an e-mail to everyone in the company stating, "With the winter weather upon us, it is a good time to remind everyone of the inclement weather policy. XYZ Company will be open, even during bad weather. It is up to you as to whether you can come to work, based on the road conditions near your home. If you have any questions, please see your immediate supervisor."

I live and work in Texas. If any of you know anything about Texas and winter weather, you know that we usually get ice rather than snow here. And, we are not equipped to clear roads. The topper is that there are a lot of stupid drivers in Texas who like to think that they can drive 65 on ice. I have no intentions on being on the road with these idiots.

If I am reading the company policy correctly, this means that I am required to get on the road during snow or ice with these idiots because the company will be open. When I talked to my co-workers, they acted like there was something wrong with me for stating that I would not come in during any icy weather. Am I the only one?

What do you do during inclement weather? Go to work or stay home?

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by Dwiebles In reply to Go to work during bad wea ...

Your employer seems to have left it to your better judgement in the phrase "it is up to you as to whether you can come to work, based on the road conditions near your home." How this will reflect in pay, sick days, etc. I can not say. It is hard for me to judge, as Texas is a little out of my scope, being in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and never having been further south than St. Paul, Minnesota. Rule of thumb round here, if the car can get out of the driveway, you can get to work. Somewhat silly, as I can VPN and do exactly what I can from home, my employer has this odd notion that if I am not there, I am not working. Whether or not they are right, well...



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Well - yes

by jg In reply to Well,

I agree with your point of view. As I see it the employer in question wants the employee to stay alive and not do anything foolish which may cost his og her health or even life. I think that the employer want the employee to come to work as long as this can happen in a safe and orderly manner. Othervise, the employer may loose the employee. I live in Sweden and work in Denmark driving back and fourth all year round. The winter conditions can sometimes be rather harch around here. It has happend during icy or stomy weather that I have had to stay at home with my VPN in order not to loose a valuable employee to the employer.

Drive safely,

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by csludovi In reply to Well,

I own and run my own heating and cooling company in Iowa which means we are open 24/7. Weather is not a factor, however if an employee doesn't feel they can make it into work they can use it as a vacation day. The way Texans drive in inclement weather, your all better off staying home.

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Amen to that

by Iseekthegrail In reply to Weather

When visiting my brother in Dallas there was just a minor rain shower and we saw no less than 10 wrecks on either side of the Interstate within a 2-mile span. I can only imagine what would happen in ice/snow.

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Scottish Weather

by markholmes692002 In reply to Amen to that

Well lads what can i say ? i really feel sorry for you all.
The thing is that in the uk the weather is always bad, so when the sun comes out then no-one goes to work for fear of not seeing it again.
We kinda get used to driving in bad weather unlike you guys who have things like climate control and air conditioning in their cars, ocassionally we open the window briefly if we need to cool down.
Best of British to you all.

Mark Holmes

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Scottish Weather

by xina45 In reply to Scottish Weather

Ah lest we be forgetting the lasses now!
I've learned that here in WY there are 10 months of winter and 2 months of poor sleding. An old addage, but true! We consider a breeze to be 35 MPH winds! We make Chicago look calm! In fact in a few moments I'll be heading out to our "breezy" steady NW winds at 40> MPH w/ gusts possible up to 70 tonight! "A North Wind Doth ****...!"

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uk weather

by newey499 In reply to Scottish Weather

yup seems like the us is composed of health nazis ice and snow are fun, well slightly

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I used to have that car

by Toucan In reply to Scottish Weather

I recall one wicked snow storm putting on the defroster and seeing snowflakes blowing in the cabin. I guess the folks that designed the Sprite didn't think heat and ventilation was a priority.

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Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

by ProtiusX In reply to Scottish Weather

Oops! Now let?s not start that again. I LOVE SCOTLAND! I wish I was there. Scots rule no matter what anyone says. They are the roughest toughest individuals in the world. They were the mainstay of the British in India and against that ruddy short French guy. To this day you can visit places in India where the old forts now lay in ruin and see what a few stout Scots with Claymores can do! They invented scout sniping and are used as an example by the United States Marine Corps when they train how to strike absolute terror into the hearts of ones enemies.

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Depends on your motivation

by martin_ternouth In reply to Scottish Weather

Some years back I set out by car in eight inches of overnight
snow at 05:30 for a half-hour drive to the train station. Then a
two-and-a-half hour train journey (with one change) and a mile
walk through what was only a thin dusting of snow at my
destination. I arrived at 09:00 and was virtually the only one
there. By mid-day the dusting of snow had melted but there
were still very few staff in. One guy who lived only a few miles
away stayed off for three days claiming that he was frightened
that the weather would trap him at work.

He and the others were employees who got paid whatever: I was
on a contract being paid by results.

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