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Gods of us all, I joined a social site.

By CharlieSpencer ·
It was an accident, I swear. All I wanted to do was add a comment to a news article on I didn't realize the required account was anything more than the minimal username and password we have here. Then I started poking around and found references to 'Buddy Lists', privacy settings, 'Auto Friending', approving content others add to 'my page' (whatever that is); all that nonsense I've so far successfully avoided.

I said something colorful and tried to relax a certain involuntarily clenched muscle. Now I'm desperately looking around the site for a FAQ. I used a variant of my 'Palmetto' alias and the SC flag logo I use here on that site. I don't want to do anything there to damage the already questionable online persona I've established here, even by neglect.

I'm not sure what I've gotten into or if it's worth the effort of policing it just to chip in my two cents occasionally. Sumbich.

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Seems as there are 3 things you can do about it!

by DadsPad In reply to Gods of us all, I joined ...

1. there should be a way to gracefully quit the social network.
2. Have fun with it (you did want to join the site as a member).

or 3

wait you are doing that here.

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This joint is different.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Seems as there are 3 thin ...

TR doesn't have many of the features of a more conventional social site. One can get benefit from TR from the editorial content without interacting with other members. Some see this as a failing; I see it as an advantage.

The membership has morphed the interaction here into something beyond what was originally intended. If one chooses to actively participate, the forums don't look or work like most contemporary social sites. The Contacts system bears little resemblance to 'Friends' or 'Buddies'. It takes a bit of figuring out (just as I'm having to figure out how a 'real' social site works). I think that has a bit of a filtering effect; if you can't figure out to post a question or participate in a discussion, maybe you're not IT enough to venture beyond the formal editorial content.

I'm sure there's a way to quit. (Although I've 'closed' the same Twitter account twice and my username and posts are still there over a year later.) I'm holding off on doing that until I poke around and see what the advantages of membership might be. (I found the FAQ but haven't read it yet.) I joined for a specific reason; now I want to see if I've bitten off more than I'm willing to chew. I suspect I'm not interested in most of the features, but I'm unwilling to write them off until I understand them better.

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So you are doing .....

by DadsPad In reply to This joint is different.

#2 and #3, two out of three is good. :)

Seriously, having read you posts here, you will do just fine having fun, then quit if no fun is to be had.

You have more nerve than me, don't think I could handle a social network at all.

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What's nerve got to do with it?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to So you are doing .....

I wandered in to what I thought was strictly a forum / discussion board. Had I know, I would have gone the other way.

Already someone with over 20,000 'buddies' has decided I'm his newest friend. I don't know how he found me so quickly. He must have snuck in before I tweaked the security settings and turned off 'Automatically accept Buddy invitations'. Obviously one of those types obsessed with calling 'friend' as many complete strangers as possible. I've never understood that.

I haven't figure out what some of the features are, especially something called a 'Bump and Run'. I don't know what 'Events' are either; the FAQ didn't mention either one. Whatever they are, I don't have any of them. I suspect they're terms specific to this site that would be understood in context by regular users of social sites.

I'm not particularly interested in sharing pictures, videos, blogging, any of those public displays of private life that so many seem to value.

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by Ron K. In reply to What's nerve got to do wi ...
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In other words...

by NickNielsen In reply to What's nerve got to do wi ...

I'm not particularly interested in sharing pictures, videos, blogging, any of those public displays of private life that so many seem to value.

You're not an exhibitionist?

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by jck In reply to Gods of us all, I joined ...

Let me get you a beer, a folding chair, and a #8 hat.

Better? :^0

Don't worry. I already quit MySpace, and I probably will end my Facebook account by end of the summer.

I had people who I openly hate try to add me on Facebook. What numbnuts.

I'm with you now. Sumbich! :)

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I dunno, it isn't making a very favorable impression.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to awwww

Way too many forums. I think it dilutes the participation into too many small discussions instead of fewer, more active ones. Of course, it is the off season, but with several hundred thousand members, I'd expect more than a dozen to be logged in on Thursday evening.

Some of the links on the home page don't work. Some of the 'Featured Blogs' and 'Featured Forums' return a nicely formatted, politely worded 404. I think they're left over from 2009. Geez, Daytona is three weeks away; update the sucker. Overall it has a kinda clunky feel. The navigation isn't consistent. Sometimes it displays a 'Login' link when I'm already logged in. There's no 'View All' mode; posts over three lines must be opened individually, then close to return to the discussion.

And boy, are there some knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers over there. TR has spoiled me. Because of the standards the community expects, the discussions here are so much better than many other forums.

I may not be long for that corner of the web. I'll give it the same week I gave Twitter. I'll monitor the 'Members Logged On' list, see who the regulars are, and lurk a bit before I shoot my mouth off. ****, I lurked here for almost two years.

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by DMambo In reply to Gods of us all, I joined ...

Gol durn. ****, yeah! Queue up the CDB and break out the JD and PBR. #8 ferever!!!!!!! (I hope #8 isn't the dead guy )

(I once asked a friend's wife why he wasn't on Facebook and she said that he's waiting for the anti-social networking sites to launch.)

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by jck In reply to NASCAR????

Jr is #8.
Sr. was #3, I believe.

If NASCAR don't turn you on, you just ain't got no switch! :^0

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