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Going back & forth...

By hemal_sanghvi ·
I was a manager for approx. a year before I quit the job (not the company). My team constituted onshore & offshore. The worst I hate about the job was the politics, specically when managing upwards. I'm not very politically savvy and tend to call a spade "a spade". My manager/mentor is tremendously politically savvy and does it so well that people (like me) sometimes even don't realize.

The 2nd worst thing I didn't like about my job as a manager was JUST managing people & projects ALL the time with no scope for business or product development. I feel if I had a good mix of the two I would enjoy the role.

Once again (after 2 years) I've an opportunity to be a manager. I'm struggling in making the decision.

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What's changed?

by faradhi In reply to Going back & forth...

If you did not like the job the first time for the reasons specified, then why would you want the job the second time? What, if anything, has changed in the job or yourself that makes you believe that you would do/like the job better now than the last time?

It seems to me that those are the questions that you should ask.

For me, if the answer is nothing has changed then I would turn the position down.

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Totally Agree...

by hemal_sanghvi In reply to What's changed?

I totally agree with you. And I would not have considered it if nothing had changed. Though I'll work for the same manager and he's great to work with & takes tremendous care of his people. At the sametime, I think, I need a conversation with my manager about what had made me quit being a manager, the last time and how he can help me [help myself] into being better at this new opportunity. Before I do that I need to be clear that I want to do it and what happens 1-2 years after accepting it.

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