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    Going HomeBrew on the Nintendo Wii v/ v/


    by robo_dev ·

    I like the Wii, but the fun is limited by how much money you have in your wallet.

    I’ve greatly added to the fun-factor and geek-factor of my Wii with the Homebrew Channel.

    Despite fears of ‘bricking my Wii’, I loaded up the homebrew channel on a SDHC card a couple months ago, and have not looked back since.

    Some of the geeky things you can do with this tool are:

    Nintendo 64 emulator
    Atari 2600 emulator
    FTP server
    Web server
    DOS PC emulator
    Commodore 64 emulator
    ..and LOTS more, like a couple hundred apps.

    Did I mention dozens and dozens of free games, apps, and other fun and strange things (mandlebrot generator, app to use balance-board as electronic scale, Wii Strobe)

    Of course since you can run gaming console emulators, you can then get ROMs for every game you ever imagined. Yesterday was playing Donkey Kong in the Nintendo 64 emulator on the Wii, followed by Asteroids, then Duck hunt 🙂

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