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Going rate....?

By shirtbird ·
I'm still a bit of a newbie in the tech industry, so I'm not totally aware of the going rates for various activities.

I recently saw an ad on craig's list that stated an office wanted the following setup:

1) Configure Windows 2003 server
2) Set up network
2) Configure router
3) Set up secured wireless access
4) Rewire the data cables safely and securely
5) Set up desktops with identical images

The wanted a tech with 3+ years experience, and wanted this completed in one day. The wanted to pay a flat rate of $300.

$300? Is that the going rate for one day's work of configuring an office's network? Regardless of the size, I'm not entirely sure it could be completed in a regular business day, and $300 seems rather insulting - an 8 hr day comes out to $37.50/hr. Especially for an expedited project like this I can't see charging less than $75 an hour.

This is in the US Midwest.

Any thoughts? What would you charge?

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Side job or primary

by ebeck In reply to Going rate....?

Is this a side gig or a primary source of income? They sound a bit clueless, since $300 won't buy much of what they want to even use. Maybe they need some negotiation.
Call them and pitch the rate you normally use - cause I would think all they will get with that is someone in school needing money. Let them know they may end up paying much more to have someone get it working right.

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$300? Yeah right

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to Going rate....?

As far as I can tell, the going rate for consulting and setting things up is $80/hour at least (depends on the person... if I was doing consulting on the side I'd charge a lot less). Maybe if it was a side deal... I mean $300 for one day's work is nothing to scoff at.

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by Jaqui In reply to $300? Yeah right

I was getting $1200 for a days work installing and configuring in 19**.

editing to add:

[ satellite tv systems, not even a network. ]

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I never said it was GOOD pay...

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to really?

Just nothing to scoff at. :) I wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours and getting a few hundred bucks.

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true enough..

by Jaqui In reply to I never said it was GOOD ...

I was only pointing out how little was being offered in comparison.

$300 is enough to get a quote on the job mentioned. ]:)

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What they would LIKE

by mjd420nova In reply to Going rate....?

I'd like to get all that done in one day, and only pay $300. Around $100. to just show up with
$100. an hour with a one hour minimum. To just
questimate would be 3 twelve hour days, preferably a long weekend, and you'll need a bunch of spares. Is this all NEW or a retrofit?
How many desktops?? What wiring is in place??
So many open ended problems will abound and
I'll bet you'd have more than a few.

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And I thought they were cheap around here...

by AmberHaze In reply to Going rate....?

If I were quoting this job blind around here, (which happens more often than I care to mention)
I would give the following:
1) Configure server (With proper testing)16 hours
2) Set Up network... (kind of obscure what they mean by this... 4 hours for the nast seprise when I find out what they really mean by this
3) Configure router... 5 minutes?
4) Rewire Data cables... 1 hour per run (some go fast, some become nightmares
5. Set up desktops with identical images. (if this is just replicated roving profiles.. part of 1, if replicated drives, 2 hours for initial image, then 1/2 an hour per replicated mirror.

Overall we are probably looking at a 3 day job +/- at a standard rate for my services of $95 per hour for about $2300 in labor.
Plus if out of town, it would also include travel and accomedation expenses as well as a per dium for a total bill in the neighbourhood of $3000.

To put it bluntly, in my mind they are of by about a factor of 10.

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You forgot the WIFI Hub

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And I thought they were c ...

To lock that down properly on an unknown WIFI Hub is at least .5 of a days work before you even start anything else.


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Factor of 10?

at that point you might as well start talking order of magnitude! ;-)

Anyway, $300 for a day's consulting is low, and there's no way to complete all of that in one day since Windows should be spelled W-I-N-D-O-Z-E! (see "Please wait while configuring system")

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Far too low

by BFilmFan In reply to Going rate....?

They would be lucky to have pre-configured systems installed in a day for $300.

I agree on your figures that it should be a flat rate of $75 an hour. If they get someone in to set it up for that rate, it will take much longer than 1 day.

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