Going to Devry to pursue Network And Communications Management

By aspiring IT ·
Hi! im a newbie and an aspiring IT Technician. major in Networking and Communications. Do you guys think that this field is going to be able me to earn as more money after i graduate. right now im a pharmacy technician earn $35k a year. and is it hard to be an IT? and hard to Find a job? i searched Monster (dot) com and there are IT positions, but requires 3-5 years EXP? and is the pay good at all? like are you able to sustain your self and family? house and bills? sorry abou this but i really have little knowledge in IT. aside from thinkering and building computers.

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by Kenone In reply to Going to Devry to pursue ...

I was looking into becoming a pharmacy technician because the future looked more promising and the pay might be better.

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by aspiring IT In reply to Funny

Thanks for your prompt reply, FYI, it is a great career move TBH, BUT, there is no advancement in this field. in in 10-20 years if you stay as a pharmtech ONLY you will never earn more thatn 50k a year unless you become a PHARMACIST which involves 10 years in college(as far as i know). so, its up to you, this is solely the reason why i intended to be an IT that espcializes in managing networks becuase in the long run, its more pay versus being a pharm tech.

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