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Going to make triple boot, but a couple of questions

By Slayer_ ·
I intend to, eventually... make a triple boot system.
XP 32bit, Win7 64bit, Mint 64bit.
^^I assume that is the order I must install them in correct?

Also, partitioning size,
XP will only be for legacy games and such, nothing more, I have allotted 10 gigs (I have a separate Data drive for installed programs).

Win7 64 is going to be for my newer games, so I know I need to leave a lot of space left over for support libraries, how big do you think I should go, 40 gig? Or maybe whatever remains after the Mint partition?

And Mint, Mint will be for my Work'ish stuff and music/video editing and of course, naughty websites and torrent downloading. How much space should it need? 10 gig?

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The order that you install isn't that important

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Going to make triple boot ...

Till it comes time to rebuild the system. So the most stable one would be my first Install and follow that by the other two.

Just remember that quite a lot of stuff gets loaded into the Windows and it's Sub Folders so make sure that you leave enough room so you don't hit problems with lack of space.

One of 7 Selling features is that it's supposed to install onto 15 GIG of HDD Space so that would be the absolute minimum to even consider for 7 and preferably a lot more.

XP works a treat on a 15 GIG Partition and has plenty of room left over for most normal people.

With the little testing I have done with 7 it seems happy with 30 to 40 Gig not sure about Mint though but as it's a fairly standard Nix 4 or more Gig should work without any problems provided that you don't need to save much to it's Data Partition. Of course if you make the Nix's Data Partition on a different Drive as you install it that is a different story and a lot less than 4 Gig would be plenty. Remember that Mint by default creates 3 Partitions one of those being the Data Partition.

As for the order in which you load them this depends on which Boot Loader you want to use, if it's Grub then Mint would be first and if it's a Windows Boot Loader either XP or 7 will do. Though with XP being Old Hat now it may in the long run prove better to use 7 as the Initial Install.

It's just a personal Preference as to which you use.


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I remember learning the opposite

by Slayer_ In reply to The order that you instal ...

Go from oldest to newest, cause the newer ones can detect the older installs, but the older ones cannot detect the newer installs.

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That would be to do with the Boot Loader

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I remember learning the o ...

And this is related to Files that are written to the Root of the Boot Drive.

Only real difference is that if something happens to the first installed OS and you need to repair it by a reinstall it will delete all of the other OS's Primary Boot Files and the Boot Loader.


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Doesn't Nix handle that well?

by Slayer_ In reply to That would be to do with ...

I thought Grub and lilo were smart enough for that crap (Thinking back to Nix school way back when).

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Yes they are smart enough

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Doesn't Nix handle that w ...

It's just that some people may prefer the Windows Boot Loader for some strange reason.

But it really shouldn't matter which is the first OS that you install well provided of course that's it's Stable. It's much more Personal Preferences with things like this.


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Well no OS is stable for me

by Slayer_ In reply to Yes they are smart enough

I tend to wreck my OS's a lot. Fortunately most Windows OS's have a lot of ways to fix them. And fixing Linux pretty much always can be done with an install CD.

Win7 will be my primary, but will probably use the Mint bootloader as it is properly modifiable.

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Well I'm lazy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well no OS is stable for ...

But if I was going to use 7 as the Base OS I would be looking at using the 7 Boot loader just because it's easier that way and there is no messing about.

But as I say I'm lazy.


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