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Going wireless

By janwine5 ·
I am wanting to set up my own home wireless network. I already have DSL. I want to be able to hook up two laptops w/o comprimising my DSL speed. What else do I need to set up this network? Also which standard is better? 802.11b or 802.11g?


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by kevin203 In reply to Going wireless

You will need a DSL router and an Access Point (AP) to hook up both your laptop and your DSL modem.

Although all the while i am proposing 802.11b but i will go for the 802.11g

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by wlbowers In reply to Going wireless

You will need a wireless router for one of the following standards:

Bandwidth is not an issue with just two computers.

802.11a - 54mbs bandwidth in 5ghz band. New technology, more expensive, conflicts are less frequent unless you have the new cordless phones that operate in that range.

802.11b 11mbs bandwidth in 2.4mhz band. Most widely used. Equipment is low in cost because it has been in service for some time. Possible conflict with cordless phones and other devices that use this band.

802.11g - 54mbs bandwidth in 2.4ghz band. New technology, not as expensive as 802.11b but is in the band that has possibility for conflict with cordless phones.

These are avaible with or without 4port switches. I use Linksys, Their systems work are easy to configure and they have excellent tech support.

You will need also need two wireless adapters for the laptops. These are avaible wither in pcmcia or usb.

Good Luck Lee

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by Jeromey In reply to Going wireless

Wireless security is a very big issue. There are a couple things to consider when going wireless. All your data is in the air for people just to grab and view, and with an open AP, people can connect to your network and use your internet or hack at your systems.

1. WEP encryption - select an AP that will be able to do a 128bit WEP encryption
2. Change the default settings - change the admin password and the SSID. Make sure your SSID does not match your address or anything personal. Find an access point that will disable the broadcast of the SSID.
3. Lock down the AP - most APs will give you the ability to lock down certain wireless NICs by MAC address.

There are other security features that are proprietary to venders such as Orinoco?s 'closed system'

These are just a few of the things to lock down your APs. I suggest reading more on the subject.

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by Rasman In reply to Going wireless

If your not famaliar with wireless I would recomend a Microsoft Wireless Radio. They are cheap easy to configure and work great. G runs faster locally across the DSL no difference. The adapters used on the Computers are very important. look on ebay for Cabletron or Roamabout pay attention to the Wep capabilities.

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