good computer cleaner???

By jdpowers41 ·
I currently have an AMD Athlon running XP Home.
Its fairly quick, but I think it could be faster being its a 2.2 dual core with 2GB RAM.
there are so many advertisements for so many different programs that claim to clean up your computer and make it like new. aside from wiping the hd compeletely and starting fresh, what is the best computer cleaner?
I am currently using CCleaner, which seems to do a pretty good job for cleaning up registry errors, corrupt paths and files, invalid shortcuts, etc...but am wondering if there is another program that is better? preferably free, but willing to pay if its worth it. appreciate any advice.

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I use a couple that are supposed to do the Same thing

by OH Smeg In reply to good computer cleaner???

Crap Cleaner AKA CCleaner is a very good application but you do need to keep updating it. It is currently up to 2.15.815 so if you haven't updated recently you should do that now.

Then there are utilities like Advanced System Care

Malware Bytes

Auslogics Disc Defragmenter

Smart Defrag

and the good old Stand by's that have been around forever things like Spy Bot S&amp

Lavasoft Adaware

All of those are free and between them you should be able to clean the system out quite well and keep the HDD's Defragged. Don't forget the Defraging Tool included in Windows either. If you have run any Defraging Utility you may be required to repeatedly run all of the above till they can not improve things any more. After you have the HDD's Defraged as much as possible run the Defragging Utilities regularly.


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thanks for your reply and input

by jdpowers41 In reply to I use a couple that are s ...

I currently have Spybot, Adaware, AVG, and another defragger aside from Windows stock defragger that i use fairly regularly. As far as anti-virus programs go, I have found that Adaware seems to work better than Spybot, it finds spyware that Spybot doesnt. Spybot will state no viruses found where Adaware will find several to delete. I will download the others to see how they work. Is there that much difference between the different defraggers? Do they work like the anti-virus programs, what one wont find or clean, the others might/will? does it really help to run more than one defragger? I have heard that it is redundant and a waste of time to defrag every day...and yet I have also been told to keep running a defragger until it only takes a few seconds to defrag?!?! I try to run Adaware just about every day. I have also tried a cleaning program called "XPTOOLS" in the past which seems to do a pretty good job of cleaning. You get a short trial period to use it, then have to pay...ever hear of it? I am tempted to purchase it to use it daily as well.
Thankyou for all of your suggestions. Hopefully with all of these, I will be able to clean my comp and keep it clean and running smoothly and quickly. I bought it used, so am half tempted to have the HD wiped clean to see if that would improve speed?! I have also purchased a new video card with 256 mb hoping that may help improve performance as well?! Thanks again for your input!

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Well for starters Adaware isn't an AV Product

by OH Smeg In reply to thanks for your reply and ...

However AVG is so provided that is up to date you should be reasonably safe.

Personally I have found that a Combination of Adawre, Spy Bot and Malware Bytes is the best available with Malware Bytes possibly being the Best all round Malware Scanner & Remover. Though if it was to mis something I would expect either Adaware or Spy Bot to pick up and remove whatever it finds.

As for Defraging Applications I like them and use them regularly they are necessary no matter what some people say as a heavily fragmented HDD is slower than one that isn't fragmented and Windows does fragment the HDD's.

I like Smart Defrag as it can be set to Schedule Runs when you like as often as you like so they happen in the background without becoming a nuisance. That app can also be set to Defrag & Optimize so it moves heavily used Data to the beginning of the HDD and the little used stuff to the back. It's about as effective as Norton's Speed Disc but without the cost. Though I do use all of the above and I do like to run the Windows Defraging Tool till it flys through the process. Once you get it to this stage it doesn't require much intervention to keep the Drive from Fragmenting up badly.


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