good maintenance for laptop + best free antivirus

By cynth1812 ·
Hey so my general question is what is the best way to keep my laptop running smoothly and to protect it from viruses and such?
I have a 1.5 year old asus and it's running windows 10. I am currently using ad blocker and avg free, but I'm sure those don't protect me very well. Can anyone recommend a good -free- anti virus(I am a poor student)? (is this the same as anti malware?)
And the other part of my question is what can I do to keep my my laptop from slowing down. For the most part I just use it for schoolwork and streaming music and videos on chrome. I would like to use it for gaming and the guy who discussed laptop options with me said this laptop would be pretty okay for that (3.1 ghz 8gb memory). I've never really had anyone teach me properly about laptops, just kinda went at it, but I would like to keep this one in good condition if there's anything I can do.

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RE:-is this the same as anti malware?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to good maintenance for lapt ...

No it's not Adblocker stops adds. AVG stops Virus's Malware is something completely different. The Free version of SpyBot S & D would probably suit you or even the free version of Malwarebytes both of which are very good.

If you are using Windows 10 I personally would be using the Built in AV product that comes with 10 Microsoft Defender/Security or whatever it's called today as they keep changing it's name I can not keep up with it but it is built into Windows 10 and all you have to do is enable it.

And the other part of my question is what can I do to keep my my laptop from slowing down.

Easy answer is never run Windows in any form will be a good starting point as just running Windows will if nothing else defrag the HDD and cause the system to slow down. If you are however one of those who keeps instilling and removing software at the drop of a hat the Registery will get massive and clunky which will also slow down the unit dramatically and the only way to deal with that is to reload the unit idealy no less that every year to 18 months and that will speed up the unit.

Then running Defrag multiple times a day will sort of keep the HDD not too badly fragmented which causes read write operations to become slow One of the free Hard Disk Drive Defragmenters is likely to be better than the one that comes with Windows but which works best for you is something you will have to find out with some Trial And Error testing.

I would serriously suggest fitting a Cool Pad under it to stop the Lap Top sucking in dust and other crud which blocks the cooling vents and causes the unit to become blocked and overheating this will shorten the life of any NB dramatically and to that end I never allow any NB to leave here without one, on the up side places like E Bay and Amazon sell these for very little but I would go with a Name Brand like Antec or Corsair as they are the best available and protect the unit better than the cheap units which you tend to break and throw away every few months.

While the CPU may be fast enough 8 GIG of RAM for 10 is on the low side so depending on how the actual hardware is it may not be as fast as it should be. For instance 1 X 8 Gig RAM Module puts the unit in Single Channel Memory Mode so it is slower than if you had 2 X 4 GIG Modules and 2 X 8 GIG is better than 8. As games tend to be VERY Memory Intensive you will notice a considerable difference so it may not be as fast as the most modern Games would perform best with.

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