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    good proxy for small client


    by troykshafer ·

    I have a small client who wants content filtering, i started looking around for a decent proxy program and realized there were too many choices i wasn’t familiar with. at my company we use websense but that’s a bit much for a 20+ office.

    it would be great if it plugged into AD so i could create groups (ie the boss doesn’t want to be filtered). Also if it came from a company that maintained it’s own black list of sites would be a great plus.

    any suggestions? ISA is a bit expensive, they have three servers and 20 users. If it’s linux based that isn’t a problem either.

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      by troykshafer ·

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      Trustifer from Googun Technologies

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to good proxy for small client

      Is an excellent application that runs on Googuns Snap Linux. It may be what you are looking for


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      AllegroSurf from RhinoSoft

      by robo_dev ·

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      It can do 99% of what WebSense can do for 1/1000th the price.

      It uses Windows login, machine name, or IP address to define users or groups, supports either whitelist or blacklist, and works very well. It can do all sorts of special proxies for socks, ftp, ssh, etc.

      I’ve been using it on a network for about two years with some VERY savvy kids, and their content has been filtered perfectly, yet the product is very stable.

      For Linux theres a Squid add-on called DansGuardian.

      I spent a lot of time testing Squid/DansGaurdian, WinProxy, and Squid before finding AllegroSurf.

      I run AllegroSurf on a XP Pro Pc with two network interfaces, one lan, one WAN, with routing enabled. It can work as a one-armed proxy as well.

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      Problem Solved

      by pc21geek ·

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      Try Endian Firewall. It is Linux based and Free. It is very scaleable, and interfaces with AD as well. It does content filtering very well.

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        The issue with Endian/Squid/DansGuardian and WinProxy

        by robo_dev ·

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        Is that the entry of web sites to be blocked or allowed is not very flexible.

        With AllegroSurf you can do lots of wildcards with blocked/allowed sites and domain names, and can import blocked or allowed sites from browser history.

        So, for example, if you have a whitelist that allows, with most squid-based proxies or WinProxy, you would then have to add all the dozens of related domains to allow a site to work (e.g.,, etc, etc.).

        Also, in many cases you cannot explicitly allow or deny a site if it’s part of a content filter.

        Allegrosurf lets you build content filters with wildcards like *, etc.

        BTW, I don’t work for RhinoSoft or anything, I’m just a customer.

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          by pc21geek ·

          In reply to The issue with Endian/Squid/DansGuardian and WinProxy

          I agree that is does not have the granular controls. However….It is 100% free software…So i guess there are pros and cons for Endian. There is also Websense Express…The licensing for that is not as expensive as the regular Websense.

          Good luck..

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