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Good Salary,Bad conditions:What to do;

By eteokritis ·
I work as a computer helpdesk support in a marine company.Repairing,maintanence and system operator
in an as/400 system.I work for two years and i
take twice the money i normally must take for this kind of job.When i got the job my employer told me that i will also start programming in cobol/400 but never code anything yet.I think that i have stack learning and i know that the IT industry is very demanding.I am very interesting about hardware and network subjects but i think that the salaries are much lower than programmers jobs.Is it worth to loose half of the salary i earn to risk and change a job i like more?

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Stay, if....

by ghstinshll In reply to Good Salary,Bad condition ...

I'd keep the position, if you're able to keep that great salary, and add value to the company in the future, and if you will still keep your expertise in the hardware side of the mainframe as well.

It sounds like you're worried that later on you'll be branded as a programmer by your company and asked to take a cut, but that might not be the case. From what you've said, it sounds more like they're just trying to get a litle more out of you which isn't all bad.

Can you expect a 10% raise out of this? Just weigh your options, working for a good company is sometimes more important than just salary. My previously closed mediocre employee was a bad mgmt, good people, bad pay environment-- and now I work for a great employer, great pay, and in a great people atmosphere... Weigh your options.

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Right now...

by madroxxx In reply to Good Salary,Bad condition ...

If you have a job I would keep it. The current IT job market kinda stinks.

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Have you checked all your options?

by IT Support Services Manager In reply to Right now...

Before you change jobs you need to speak with your current boss. Tell him that you want more responsibilty and more challenges, that you want to program. Show your supervisor how doing the programming will benefit the company as well as you. It never hurts to ask and then you can have the money and the programming too!

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Treat it as Boolean

by GuruOfDos In reply to Good Salary,Bad condition ...

Lets take a logical look at this....

We have two variables, Salary and Conditions. We have an output, Happiness.

Our states are 0 (representing Bad) and 1 (representing Good).

Let's call our 'gate' Life...

Our inputs can have the following states
00, 01, 10 and 11

Bad Salary, Bad Conditions
Bad Salary, Good Conditions
Good Salary, Bad Conditions
Good Salary, Good Conditions

What we want is to be happy, so the output has to be a 1

Logically, only a moron would be a NOR, i.e. only happy if the salary and conditions are bad. Some people have an AND philosophy, only happy if Salary AND Conditions are both 1.

Me I'm an OR....if either Salary OR Conditions are good then I'm reasonably happy. Of course, if both conditions are true then the outcome is the same.

If you treat it as an analogue problem, then the output is the sum of the inputs. If conditions and salary equate to 50% each of happiness then the outcomes for our 4 conditional inputs are

0%, 50%, 50% and 100%

Of course, you may give different weightings to your inputs...maybe salary is 66.6 recurring % and conditions are 33.3 recurring %. The weightings depend on what makes YOU happy!!

Better to be poor and happy, than rich and miserable in my book...after all, you can't take it with you when you die!!

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analog vs digital situation

by 630111 In reply to Treat it as Boolean

Dude, what an approach. Fascinating, but methinks someone needs a vacation!

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by GuruOfDos In reply to analog vs digital situati ...

Hang on, where did I put my Prozac?!!!

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COOL Stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by isaaclau In reply to Treat it as Boolean

Men, what kind of mind do you have..what a great stuff...incredible!

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Up to you

by Ken In reply to Good Salary,Bad condition ...

Becoming a programmer or hardware type is not an end in itself. What makes you happy. Money of obviously not the "be all and end all" for you or you wouldn't be contemplating this. Find your passion! If your crank gets turned by playing with screwdrivers and meters, by all means, go the hardware route and don't let anybody stand in your way. Quit your job and go back to school if you have to.


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