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Good Solutions For Anti Virus

By deerek11 ·
Hello All, I am trying to find solutions for anti virus for a network of about 60 work stations and about 20 servers in a cluster enviroment with a exchange server already running symantec mail soulutions and it has a barrucuda spam firewall attach to it also they have a cisco pix 515E my options to for anti virus is a hardware or software soultion they really perfer a hardware soultion instead of software any suggestions? Every hardware device I price has firewall built into it is this going to create a issue with the pix or shoud they just go software something like Symantec Corp. 10?

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i would definately recommend symantec corp over a hardware solution for a network of that size. i'm assuming this is all at one site.

i'm trying to think of the advantages a hardware solution would have over a software solution and in this type of environment i'm not just coming up with anything.

if they are really set on some AV hardware, suggest symantec corp 10 in addition to a hardware solution isolating the servers from the workstations. that way, in the unlikely event of an internal outbreak, the servers have an extra level of protection.

my words may not be clear, but the thought is clear in my head

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by jdclyde In reply to Good Solutions For Anti V ...

Don't confuse firewall with Antivirus. Both are needed.

Step one, have your firewall DELETE all EXE,COM,ZIP,SRC attachments. (there are more, you can find that list on google.)

Step two, Get a corporate AV that runs from a central server.

Symantec is what I use, but don't get it if you have an pc's that are running anything older than Windows 2000 because it won't load. Version 10 REQUIRES win2k or higher.

Besides that, it has worked out very well for me. It even detects and removes Adware that isn't found using AdAware by Lavasoft.

I have heard recently McAfee has gotten better, but I had nothing but grief with it a few years back before switching to Symantec.

As far as hardware firewalls interfering with the pix, you should be OK as long as you remember to keep your networks gateways straight.

A layered approach in text book fashion will how a firewall on each side of the router, and if they are NOT the same all the better because they will have different exploits. A hacker may get one, but rarely both.

I like SonicWall for a firewall, but Norton's is highly rated too.

Good luck.

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by Kryptos In reply to Good Solutions For Anti V ...

try Trend Micro product ..its an excellent gateway AV

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by collignond In reply to Good Solutions For Anti V ...

I am managing a network of about 300 machines. We are using McAfee 8, one of the majour advantages is the updates can be set up to automatically ownload and the network machines can save time by downloading from a local machine, another is the port blocking technology that is built in, the program blocks incomming and outgoing messages from viruses on non standerd ports, esentialy stoping a virus from spreading through the network.

I would also sugest installing a WSUS server to localise the microsoft updates.

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