Good temperatures for TWIN FROZR VI RX480 4GB?

By Shade046 ·
Firstly, I don't really have case fans yet because I need a job first to buy some, which is soon. So those are out of the question, as I will definitely buy some down the line.

I am just curious on the potential of my RX480, as when I play Apex Legends, the temperature can go up to about a max of 74C sometimes. Here is a screenshot of my current settings that I have just changed after my last apex session (So I do not know how much these will help exactly).

Basically, is it safe for my GPU to reach around 74? I also notice that when I view the battle pass in Apex, my temps go from a stable 62-64 to 70 for whatever reason, and they go back to normal once I leave that screen. If it's not safe, how should I adjust my fan curves?

In-game my temps are around 61-72 btw. I don't really wanna lower my graphics too much, not below 1600x900 anyways, as it gets harder to see opponents in the distance.

Any help appreciated.
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