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Good Terminal Server System?

By msft ·
Hi all,

please give your thoughts on a good server system from vendors such as HP, Dell, IBM etc that would act as a good terminal sever. Need it to be pretty fast to run MYOB accounting system for a business.


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I have used many

by Roger99a In reply to Good Terminal Server Syst ...

I've used about every kind of system for Terminal Services and I don't think it really matters too much. The software will make or break the system. That said, I just moved our finance folks to an HP DL360. We have a dozen of them and they seem to be very good machines, but very noisy. The Dell they were using crashed hard. We don't buy Dell anymore.

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by msft In reply to I have used many

Hey Roger99a,

thanks for your comment. Just wondering, we are a small business in Australia. We checked pricing with HP and it was around $3800AUD which is rather hefty considering that we are a small business and have a limited IT budget. We are interested in going with HP because we find that they are a good company (most of our workstations are HP made) and as you said, we don't buy from Dell anymore for exactly the same reasons, their systems are horrible. Just wondering if you could point me in the direction of something similar from HP with similar capabliities (don't have to be exactly similar, just something around teh mark) at a lower price?

Thanks mate.

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Non Branded

by Roger99a In reply to question

In some situations I have taken what are basically high end workstation parts and built my own systems. For my Finance department I had a Dell Server (now dead) and a put together Athlon running the same software. The Athlon is still running after 4 years of use with almost no maintenance. You could take a couple of workstations and soup them up. If you have two you'll have redundancy, too.

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Citrix vs Terminal Server

by capann In reply to Non Branded

This might make me look a little dense, but could you tell me what the advantages are of using a terminal server as opposed to a Citrix server. We are a web based business which will have a lot of remote users logging in and who will have high security issues for protecting their large files (which we will upload and download.)

I liked your idea of building your own.

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this route

by bshaw400 In reply to Non Branded

if you go this route, I would for sure build 2 and spare out, at least another motherboard.

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by bshaw400 In reply to Good Terminal Server Syst ...

I would get a decent HP server and fit it to your workstation usage requirements (ie. each ws user typically sucks up a certain amount of memory). Remember that 32 bit systems can really only support up to 4 GB RAM (even if they're multi-core/multi-processor); I would go with 64 bit cpus and get the maximum RAM I could afford (depending on MYOB capable of being run under 64 bit).

I would also check the number of RAM slots and make sure whatever RAM I buy be the fastest RAM (ie 400,533, 667, 800 Mhz, etc.) Also, I would max the RAM per slot; ie, if the slot supports 256MB to 2 GB, go with the 2 GB (if I can afford it).

SATA RAID is inexpensive and easy to use.
1 GB NICs (put in an extra 1 as a backup).

I've found the HP stuff to be reliable, warrantied well (and easy to fix under warranty) and well priced.)
IBM has very good stuff as well but is pricey although it too has and excellent warranty and support system.
Not terribly impressed with Dell except for pricing for some things, just not servers.

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