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    Good Use for Not -too Old hardware


    by mraftice ·

    Recently, The motherboard on my pretty fast gateway dual core machine got fried by lightning. I researched the cost of a new motherboard and found that the cheapest board was $200. Instead of getting the new board, Instead I purchased a refurbished Dual Core gateway machine from for $350.
    I carefully selected the new machine in so that I was able to utilize the RAM from the old machine. I also bought an external case for the SATA Drive from the old machine and connected it to my new one. Thus, Instead of repairing the old machine for $200 I have a new machine with 2GB of RAM (1GB complements of my old machine)and two hard drives (180 GB Internal and 250GB external. The total cost was $439 with shipping. Not too bad.
    another great benefit is that because I utilized the hardrive from my old machine I retained all of my existing data and can transfer any of it to the internal drive of the new machine by simply using Windows Explorer. It was a really nice way to deal with the hassle of getting all of your data from one machine to the other. I realize that Microsoft has wizards and such to do this but There is nothing like keeping the whole old hardrive. Another bonus is now I have backed up critical data so that there is a copy on each hard drive as well as a DVD copy.
    Lastly, I spent a bit more ($35) on a nice external case made by Vantec and have not regretted it. I came with a SATA expansion board that plugged directly into your motherboard of your new machine (if you have SATA Connectors on your motherboard) which allows you to plug the External SATA drive into the new machine with a blazing SATA connection and not have wires sticking out of your box. Unfortunately, my new machine is only IDE compliant. This was still no problem as the external box I bought was designed for a SATA drive to connect to a USB port. It works great and the speed is sufficient for backup and storage. The point here is that I read the reviews of the some of the cheaper external boxes and users complained that they were rather cheap, flimsy, and hard to connect and install. I had not problems with the VANTEC box. It is great, has a sharp blue lit logo, and on/off switch and an LED light to indicate when it is working. Also, the metal case seems to disburse heat rather well heat has not been a problem. A great product. I hope this Post helps others to put some of that not- too old hardware to use in their new machines instade of just sending it to the landfill.

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      Only missing one piece

      by dnelsonwc ·

      In reply to Good Use for Not -too Old hardware

      Why not buy an inexpensive SATA controller and go ahead and plug it directly into your system (instead of via USB)? You’ll get that extra speed boost that way.

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