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Good WebDev tools for project/portfolio hosting for semi-techy people

By BigBluester ·

I am wondering if anyone could make some suggestions for me. Basically I want to make a nice portfolio site to showcase some projects. My background is in physics, math, and data science and I have some programming skills (c++, python, basic JS).

I don't want to go too deep into webdev world (like using react) but I don't mind making some code changes if necessary. I want to be able to organize content, display equations, have some interactive graphs (using JS), and maybe allow user comments. If I'm really ambitious, they maybe jupyter notebooks as well.

I can learn new stuff but I don't want to... I want to keep the learning to a minimum. I would rather keep learning about data science (machine learning algorithms).

So... are Wordpress or Bootstrap good enough? Are there better tools out there?

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