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<hands over eyes>

by stargazerr In reply to good

Let me guess...let me guess....

You are trying to start another please disregard discussion :^O


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by maecuff In reply to <hands over eyes>

that other one turned into some sort of football thing. Perhaps we could come up with something more interesting. (And when I say WE, I mean brain hasn't engaged yet).

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You will hate me for saying this ....

by stargazerr In reply to Well,

Thats why its interesting ....

Now Now Mae ... put that stick down ...


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I promise

by maecuff In reply to You will hate me for sayi ...

to not hit anyone with a stick. I'm just not into sports. Unless one of my kids is playing, then I'll watch, other than that..give me a good book. Or really, a mediocre book.

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Books are good ...

by stargazerr In reply to I promise

Books I like ...

Ever read Joan Johnston ??

Its way tooooo mushy .. but thats the way i like it


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by maecuff In reply to Books are good ...

Doesn't sound like my type. Mushy books give me that feeling you get in the back of your throat just before you throw up. (kinda like eggnog)

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Tssk, tssk, Mae

by M_a_r_k In reply to Well,

And what's wrong with football? You only read some of the posts. We are now into such varied topic as world history, arson (not arses, but arson (like with fires)) and--you'll like this one--egg nog!

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by faradhi In reply to good
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That is funny...

by azul In reply to bad

Is any one at work today...99% of the people in my department are out...

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You are indeed. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to bad

...a great mind.

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