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    Google Analytics 4

    by unikatnoime ·


    Hi, guys.

    Can you tell me your opinions regarding GA4?

    My developer thinks it’s still very buggy and not worth switching to it right now.

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      Everything is buggy.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Google Analytics 4

      I’ve yet to find a bug free version of just about anything. As to GA4, you need to find a reason why. It doesn’t matter what the developer or I say.

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      The SWITCH

      by blakeryan744 ·

      In reply to Google Analytics 4

      Doesn’t really matter that what is the right time to switch. We need to start learning the model of GA4 and its logical that we start learning right now when we can experience the bugs been removed by Google.

      Universal Analytics would be completely gone by 1 July 2023, that means GA4 would be much less buggy by that time comparatively.

      You should switch and start experimenting right away.

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