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Google's Self Driving Cars Are Officially Qualified Drivers

By invalid_expression ·

Thoughts? I think this is totally awesome. I can't wait to see self driving cars available to the public. It could save so many lives by eliminating human error, and also act as a huge convenience by enabling us to do other things while being transported to work or wherever we may need to go.

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Positive opinion

by davidsnipes In reply to Google's Self Driving Car ...

This is a huge and significant step. I think that well designed control systems operating in a system without direct human control are safer and more efficient than any system with a human driver. Computer driven cars don't get sleepy, drunk or high in the ways humans do. In a well connected network, they also don't need stoplights, stop signs, or other arbitrary flow controls. Not to say they'd be perfect, but driving is one of the most dangerous activities in modern life.

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by RS_Darwin In reply to Google's Self Driving Car ...

This is awesome news! In case it becomes available for public use, do you think this is going to replace Uber, Lyft and Grab?

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by Mike_Cartwright In reply to Wow

Hopefully they won't. It's going to put a lot of drivers out of work. lol

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by PaulineGreening In reply to Google's Self Driving Car ...

Wow, this is amazing. Being the oldie that I am, I feel like I'd still be scared to use that function if I have it on my car just because I'd be anxious to predict how it is going to behave. Control freaks won't enjoy this lol.

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