Got an error launching OneNote

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Hi I’ve got the problem with one note application. When I launch One Note occurs an error "Application Error ONENOTE.EXE. “ What does it mean and how to fix it? I’ve got a lot of important notes inside. It’s the first time I faced a such problem and I don’t know what to do. That’s why I need your help.

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Re: Got an error launching OneNote

by ArienneLabossiere In reply to Got an error launching On ...

It could be caused by several reasons, such as:
Damaged loading or incomplete software installation MSDN disc 5001.0
Another application is in conflict with the MSDN disc 5001.02 and its shared files links.
Damaged registry keys Windows, related ONENOTE.EXE / MSDN disc 5001.02
About another reasons you can read here:

Here is the full description how to fix your One Note: When you start OneNote, or when you open, optimize, find, or back up a OneNote section, OneNote verifies the integrity of the file. If OneNote determines that there is a problem with the file, it tries to repair the file, and you receive the following message:
While verifying the integrity of your section files, OneNote detected a problem with the following file:

The problem may not be serious, but it is best to fix any integrity issues when first detected. OneNote must restart in order to repair the file.
When you click OK, OneNote quits and restarts, and then the file is repaired. After the section file is repaired, you receive the following message:
OneNote has repaired the following file:

Please review the file in the unlikely event that some notes were lost. If anything is missing, click Open Backup on the Help menu to see if there are any backup files available. If the missing notes have been backed up, you can add them to the repaired file by copying and pasting the notes from the backup file.
Also try: Recovery Toolbox for OneNote :

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