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Got power - wont boot

By moeg55 ·
A friend of mine was(happily)deleting files, (he claims they were audio files) when his PC froze up. His machine is a Compaq Presario SR1110NX with 256 Ram with an Intel mobo & 2.53G processor, running XP. He attempted to do a CTRL/Alt/Del to no avail. He powered down, then powered up, he lost video, the fans run constantly which he said they never did before and the CD ROM is being recognized I assume, it lights up but there are no beeps and no video and wont initiate Windows .

I checked voltages and got good readings 5V and 12V. When I removed cover I did smell that something had gotten hot, but I couldn't pinpoint it visually.

I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks, Steve

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by TheChas In reply to Got power - wont boot

Well, the deleted files might be a coincidence and not the source of the problem.

When you say it does not boot, what exactly happens?

When you get no video at all at boot, that indicates a critical hardware failure.

Try disconnecting the hard drive.
If you can now see the POST screens and get a message along the lines of:
"No operating system found."
"Insert system disk to continue."

Then, the hard drive over-heated and died.

After that, the CPU, video card, modem, and RAM are all potential suspects.

Aside from swapping parts until you find the dead part, you could try a POST card.
These cards plug into a PCI slot and provide a code when the system locks up in the POST process.
The code can help narrow down the potential bad component.


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by moeg55 In reply to

Thanks for your advice. It turns out that my friend's PC is still under warranty.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Got power - wont boot

There is one other thing to look at as well. The Electrolytic Capacitors near the CPU {they look like little tin cans standing on their ends wrapped in generally a dark blue plastic} if they are bulging at the top or leaking the M'Board is shot and in all likely hood will do exactly what you are describing. Some of those Compaq M'Boards where not all that great when it comes to the components that where placed on them. Other wise follow Chas's recommendations.


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by Frenchwood In reply to Got power - wont boot

Sounds like a serious case of overheating.

In any case, i would suggest to your friend to attempt to boot the HDD in another machine to see if his drive is at fault, if it is - Bad luck on the data loss (a clear advetisment for backing up frequently) if - not i would ditch the Mobo and start again!

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by moeg55 In reply to Got power - wont boot

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