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Gota Puppy ???

By dawgit ·
Has any-one out there in the TR tried Puppy Linux yet? (see: -or- -or- the Wiki; ) Any coments on it? I see there a lot of changes on it since I last saw it. It might be worth a check. Anybody interested? -dawgit

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Puppy needs to be housebroken

by fungus-among-us In reply to Gota Puppy ???

A few weeks ago, a buddy gave me a live puppylinux CD. It booted fast since everything was in RAM. It was my first taste of linux. I played with it for about two days and although promising, it seemed a little weak. I tried a full installation, played with it for a day and ended up switching to Debian the following day. And then to Ubuntu, and then Fedora, and now OpenSUSE 10.

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Yeah baby!!!

by stress junkie In reply to Puppy needs to be housebr ...

OpenSuSE v10.1 is my preferred distribution. I also like Gentoo just for kicks.

I have never tried Puppy Linux. I have tried a lot of distros over the years though. Linux distros are a lot like music. You like what you like. Just use the one(s) that you prefer and enjoy the ride.

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There are many Puppies in the litter

by Kiltie In reply to Gota Puppy ???

I am currently testing out dozens of LiveCD distros, in the Puppy camp these include:


and some none Puppy distros:

GoblinXMini 1.4.0

Quite a bit of work there, testing that lot out.
I have also downloaded, tested and rejected dozens of others.

I am making notes, and one day I hope to write a TR article about my findings, but I have not been able to find out how to do that - I found some links, but get PNF errors when trying to follow them up.

Overall, my opinion about Puppy, is that while many show promise, there is some work to be done, before a really good Desktop distro is achieved. Maybe a few years down the road, but Puppy is one that is definately worth keeping an eye on.
My goal is to get a Puppy distro that will satisfy a lay Windows user, ie look as close to Windows as possible, yet provide just the basics needed for surfing, mail etc. Any extras could be downloaded as needed.
I might try "mastering" a LiveCD along these lines myself.

Knoppix (debian based) is the next best LiveCd I have found.


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I love it!

by drewmeister In reply to Gota Puppy ???

I've been using Puppy for just about a year, and I doubt I'll ever abandon it. I used to have an XP box, SuSE 9.2 box, a second XP, and a Thinkpad. Now I have a very small, quiet Puppy machine and a SuSE 10.1. (But I'm thinking of going back to 9.2.) And I got a new (used) Thinkpad.

I was motivated to this change by having to evacuate New Orleans a year ago, and not being able to return for four months.

One might say I use the Pup as a terminal, but in fact, that's what I was using XP for, with the exception of some special programs, like TurboTax. What I really like is the quiet and simplicity. My desk, since Katrina a small table, is very clean. My "big guy" SuSE server is off to the closet, so there is really nothing making noise.

I use VNC to operate both the Thinkpad & the SuSE. I also use ssh to work on the big Linux as well as to log in and work at the office.

I used Firefox for browsing and working on the office web server, but lately I have been trying Seamonkey, a derivitive of Mozilla, and liking it for it's simplicity and smaller user space.

I have a bookmark at and use it daily to listen to streaming radio from everywhere, mostly the USA.

They even sell a small, diskless, fanless computer which I eventually brought to the office -- much handier than the Windoze XP the boss provides for me. Our main software runs on Linux on our web server, our clients log on over the Net using their Windows computers, because that's what sells in America. Having a Linux "terminal" makes life much easier for me.

Puppy Linux has problems and inconsistencies, and things I have to learn that are particular to it. But so far it is the only Linux distro that has a volume control in the systray, along with those little network icons when a network is up. AND, it features Network Connection Sharing during the firewall setup if you like.

To me it's easy, fast, and simple. My main box at home has no hard drive and requires very little electricity to run. Oh yes, as you may have inferred, it handles my internet connection -- using a PC Card to connect through my Verizon cell phone account, at 461Mb, from anywhere my cellphone can.

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I've used several versions/distros

by RknRlKid In reply to Gota Puppy ???

Overall, I've liked Puppy, except for a couple of minor things.

1. It hasn't worked well with several of my devices, most noticeably my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. It seems to only like standard PS2 keyboards and mice.

2. It doesn't find the sound card in my Dell systems. This is not just Puppy that has this problem. Whatever the chip is in the Dell Optiplex desktop series I use, ALSA does not support. (There is a driver for Red Hat 6.1 on the Dell site, but I don't use Red Hat, so I dont think it will help.)

3. GraphPup seems to me to be too rough to be a final version. It is less user-friendly than the "standard" Puppy distro.

4. I like the Windows 98 version, but wish they would update it (particularly updating Open Office to 2.02). Again, it has the problem of not recognizing my Dell's sound chip.

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