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Government Careers a deep hole

By methenyd ·
I am a 30 veteran, with 20+ years with the Government. Trying to get back in Government is a test in futility. OPM posts new jobs, and says they track them. (Right).. They do not. They normally refer you to one of about 16 different systems to enter all your information, build a resume', and self-nominate for the jobs. Then IF you EVER do get to the interview state, they may NEVER tell you if you didnt get the job. I have had dozens that just leave you hanging, after a really good interview... other just tell you months later.. Oh you were not picked... They also use artificial intelligent the scan the resumes' so unless you are really good at second guessing some file clerk who enters keywords to scan for... dont expect anyone to really LOOK at your resume'. Army and Air Force are the absolute worse... I have been referred on jobs to selection officials that are still setting there like that for over a year, and they refuse to even give you status... SURE WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE SOMEONE TO COMPLAIN TO... Senators ignore it too... so does the Directore of OPM. Bush maybe????

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