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Government paying my training???

Government paying my training???

Hi every body.

I am an IT professional. I have 6 years working experience, 3 as IT director. I have a degree in computer science. I am currently living in the US, I married to an American woman and after living a few years in Europe we decided to move close to her parents.

I am currently working for a company where I am not happy (I don't think they have the values I am looking for, moral and economics).

The fact is I am sending my resume to different companies.
Today I received a call from CTec academy saying that my resume has been selected and that they are going to pay for my Microsoft certification with government money. They will fly me to Atlanta, pay for my certification and training, they will give me money for the 2 weeks that I have to stay in Georgia and that I will get hire from one of his partner company, making at least 25 per hour.

Does anybody know about this "government training", it would be great if it doesn't have a trick but...I don't know, seens to good to be true.

Any help out there?

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Don't knew about the US

by Oz_Media In reply to Government paying my trai ...

But in Canada that type of offer is common, and legitimate.

the government hands out a tonne of cshe for training programs that are independantly designed yet professionally taught.

I would look at fine print and would definitely place a phone call to the provider asking things like, If you DON'T pass, is your course still gratis? if you DO pass, is the employment GUARANTEED or just that there is emploment support? What if any OTHER charges will you incur, meals, textbooks, other supplies, taxes etc.

Lastly I would research the agent and see if they haev done his before, look for testimonials from past graduates etc. Just common logic.

But to see someone offering to provide government sponsored training is not abnormal here, is it there?

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Check them out

by 1stladytech In reply to Government paying my trai ...

Usually this kind of a pitch is actually that they will help you fill out a government backed education loan application. Then they will kindly inflate the amout of the school costs to cover your room and board. Yes you will have the certs when you are done, but you will also have the loan. Generally the part about the job is that they will submit your resume to the company, it isn't their fault if you don't get hired. Very common pitch, usually not to your advantage. I would do some serious investigation into the company before I signed up.


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