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Government Shakedown...again...

By ciscodaze ·
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This whole thing is so transparent
its embarressing that the fellow who wrote this piece actually works for techrepublic...this is plane and simple a shakedown of APPLE by the anti business, anti free market by the this whitehouse and your bloody eye dude...even if there was a significant reception problem, what business does government sticking their unconstitutional nose in here?

Remember toyota...remember after all the facts were in it turned out a bunch of morons were stepping on the gas peddle and not the brake?

None of this is about some incidental tech glitch in phone...
its about destroying jobs and prosperity and free market...PERIOD..

oh and by the way, when all the government worshippers need their next piece of technology, have them call Chuck Schumer, Im sure a man who has never held real job or produced ANYTHING in his life can help them out.

What a joke. Wake up dude.

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Its plain we don't know what you are referring to

by JamesRL In reply to Government ...

Since you started a new discussion instead of replying to an existing one.

But if you think that Toyota had no quality issues related to unintended acceleration, then you need to catch up on the news. Try Google.


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That's bilderberger stuff dude.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Its plain we don't know w ...

We all know GM made that happen...

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Mind telling us what you're talking about?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Government ...

Maybe provide a link or story?

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I doubt it's possible

by santeewelding In reply to Mind telling us what you' ...

He says he is in a daze.

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by dawgit In reply to Government ...

Please don't don't tell me we have Anti-big-goberment-cup-a-tea-bagers here now.

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cup-a-tea-bagers ?

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh-my...

Why do you want to disparage a whole lot of good-intentioned and principled people - all of whom, most likely, have absolutely no connection to this person - just because .......

Just because what? I don't dare try to answer for you.

Were you trying to be cute? Why?

Were you trying to make a point? Then make it.

The politics of personal destruction is alive and well with you, dawgit (I'm sad to say).

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I just wonder

by TonytheTiger In reply to cup-a-tea-bagers ?

how many of them would be using that term if they knew what else it meant :)

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By the way

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh-my...

I had no intentions whatsoever of posting a reply in this discussion,

However, as an "Anti-big-goverment" person who is very supportive of those who call themselves members of the Tea Party movement in the United States......

Are you painting me with the same brush?

Go ahead, call me a tea bagger.

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"Max, you're a tea bagger."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to By the way

Always happy to oblige

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I know you're being humorous. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to "Max, you're a tea bagger ...

.....but that's an extremely disparaging term. It's worse than disparaging - whatever that is (I need Santee's thesaurus).

When a person uses it to describe the current Tea Party movement, it not only shows their ignorance, but their mean-spiritedness and disingenuousness. And it's a clue to all that that person is either unable and/or unwilling to discuss issues from a reality-based perspective. It actually lowers the user of the term to its own low level.

Why are grass-roots movements a noble and honorable thing when they advance Democrat, liberal, or progressive causes - i.e. MORE government - but the grass-roots movements that advance conservative and/or libertarian causes - i.e. LESS government - are disparaged in such a way?

If you're not totally sick and tired of the dishonest politics of personal destruction that takes place, you're either a participant or not paying attention.

P.S. The term teabagger precedes the current Tea Party movement. And, in my opinion, it ranks right up there (or down there) with calling members of the NAACP a bunch of nig...... (And users of either one gets zero tolerance from me)

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