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Government using foreign servers for insecure communication

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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The news in BC recently has been focused on the government having "private" email infiltrated and distributed. WOW, a hacker got into our government computers? No.
Our government uses GMail !!!!!

Again on the TV last night, "private email accounts were hacked and information stolen." IT'S GOOGLE! IT'S NOT PRIVATE ANYTHING!

They may as well have been sending Facebook posts to each other.

Another HUUUUGE issue is Canadian government storing information in US servers, seriously WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?!?!?

Canadian privacy rights don't apply to US servers, though there is privacy protection against an ISP in Canada disclosing your personal information, to anyone requesting it.

Would Americans sit quietly if the US government had stored info on a Canadian email server and had private accounts jeopardized? Not bloody likely!!!

Up here its like, "Oh well, stupid f***ers, what else would you expect?"
Then change the channel back to the hockey game.

I know we don't really care too much about politics in Canada, it doesn't have the direct impact on Canadian lives the way US politics effects Americans. We don't have our rights being challenged daily, we aren't at war with people who are out to terrorize our nation (unless doing so en route to the US).

Things like this really should raise some action though. With the paranoia shown on TR over using Chrome Books and the cloud for personal or business use, the fact that the Canadian government does it too is just horrific.

I wonder how many US government employees have been secretly killing their GMail accounts though, I'm sure it's not just in Canada. Scary business!

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That is worrying

by Slayer_ In reply to Government using foreign ...

Both the getting hacked and using gmail.

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I had to laugh though

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to That is worrying

They kept referring to their "Private" email accounts. Clearly it isn't used for most government correspondence but the problem is that they were discussing government issues with their own accounts. Even Christy Clark referred to it as their private email account. A few weeks ago PEI's tourism minister had HIS "private email account" hacked (with Yahoo) and his whole address book was spammed trying to collect money to help him in the Philippines.

Since when were YAHOO or GOOGLE deemed "Private email accounts"?

I have plenty of free online accounts, such as the one I use here, but I still have PRIVATE email (for what that's worth) with my ISP. Free PUBLIC accounts are not PRIVATE accounts. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. are free public servers, anyone can have at it. I won't even send email to customers who don't have their own domain, if they are with Yahoo or Google, 'sorry, if you can find another account for me to send it to, I'll get the info to".

As a salesman that is more for validity than anything else though, I don't send info to 'info@...' or general mailboxes at all. If they want info and won't give me direct access to them, it shows a lack of commitment and I pass.

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