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GPF in GDI.EXE ... exists in WinME, too!

By Saint714 ·
Calling EnumObjects() Leaks a Selector

Microsoft *INSISTS* this problem only exists in Win95, Win98 and Win98SE. I have proven that it exists in WinME as well. Microsoft refuses to act on it because their "technical support professionals" haven't verified my "claim."

PROBLEM SUMMARY: After about two hours or routine multi-tasking (not programming, just normal Win/Office use), an open app (usually IE) has a GPF in module GDI.EXE. When you click close, another app has the same GPF, then another, and another, until you MUST hard reboot. You lose whatever data was active at the time of reboot, and Office apps don't retain recovery copies of your files.

SYMPTOMS - A program that calls the Win32 EnumObjects() API function may eventually stop working, with the following error message:
{Program name} caused a General Protection Fault in module GDI.EXE.

CAUSE - The EnumObjects() function leaks a selector each time it is called. If enough calls are made during a particular session, the local descriptor table (LDT) can become exhausted. The computer must then be restarted.

RESOLUTION - A supported fix is available ***ONLY FOR WIN98.*** DISREGARD what Microsoft tech support tells you, because that fix will not applyto WinME, and the installation of the fix fails if you try.

STATUS - Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Win95, Win98 & Win98SE.

I have called/e-mailed/web-filed the explanation of this problem to Microsoft tech support three times- accomplishing nothing.

*Maybe* if they get enough complaints ...

The only *true* fix is a reconfiguration to Windows 2000 (this problem doesn't exist in Win2K).

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GPF in GDI.EXE ... exists in WinME, too!

by CGSysMgrRet In reply to GPF in GDI.EXE ... exists ...

For what it's worth, I have precisely the same problem on a system which has just been reinitialized and updated with all MS and driver updates. I failed to find a resolution on MS, probably because I was only searching in ME. Think I'll send them an email.

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