gpo and print server properties

By Foster5000 ·
I have an office, where we need to add paper forms to the printer server properties page.
Just to be clear, in XP the go to printers and faxes. then file, then server properties. I need to add custom paper sizes here. Now i would like to manage this accross the office, using Group Policy. This way i dont have to touch every computer. We run both XP and Vista.

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gpo and print server properties

by Foster5000 In reply to Primer

I dont think that is going to work. We are trying to manage the print server properties, for each computer on the netework. not one centrally managed print server. unless i missed something in the article you sent.

We are trying to use Cute PDF. We have several custom paper size we need to manage. I would like to push this to each computer via gp.

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Per PC?

by shasca In reply to gpo and print server prop ...

You want to manage Priner properties per PC, and not per print share? You can setup multipe print shares for each printer. That would be much easier to manage.

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per pc

by Foster5000 In reply to Per PC?

yea, i know. but cute PDF and other like it dont allow for network printing. so it has to be installed on each computer using it. Thus we need to manage the paper sizes on a machine level. stinks i know but that is what we need to do. so i assumed (yea i know what happens when you assuem :) ) i could manage the paper forms and sized in GP, but i cant find it.

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