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I have a few questions on how to lock down some users. The problem is this, some applications they use don't work if they aren't local administrators. At least it seems this way because after I go to their local machine and add them to the local administrator group, the application works. I also want them to have the ability to add printers and possibly install applications.

1. Will PowerUser be sufficient? I know I can add them to the local Power User group via GPO doing the Security Groups feature. However, I haven't been able to get it to work. Could someone explain to me how to do this?

2. If they are say a local administrator and in the gpo's I set them to not be able to open control panel. Will they still be able to?

3. I entered via GPO's the ability to use Windows installer to install applications and to use elevated permissions when installing applications. However, when the user tried to install an application. It said permission denied via group policy and to contact the system admin. Any ideas here? They weren't an administrator, but I did set the policies to use windows installer and use elevated permissions. The installer was an msi.

Thanks in advanced.

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