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GPS fleet tracking ROI

By danh ·
I thought I would share the following news item I ran across earlier today:

Vehiclepath Customer Recognizes Return on GPS Investment in Less than Four Weeks -

While most GPS tracking companies I have researched mention an average ROI of 2-3 months, this is great news. If a fleet manager can save enough money to pay for their tracking system in less than 30 days, service should improve and everyone wins.

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Could be the same with other companies

by Dr Dij In reply to GPS fleet tracking ROI

since ROI is dependant NOT only on what system you buy, but WHAT IT DOES for you, which could be essentially the same for ANY GPS company. In other words that company had a real need for fleet tracking.

Kind of like you walk to work and realize you'll get there 20x faster if you drive. You buy a car, all cars give you the same basic functionality of taking you somewhere. There's just the difference in price and bells and whistles.

If you're actually trying to develop biz, which your job title indicates, I suppose 'shame on you for spamming'.

Another device that helps fleets are cameras. Like the 'drivecam' I think it is called. It records last 10 sec video if sensors indicate an impact. Might also record speeds.

They found drivers with devices like this are half as likely to get into accidents as they are more careful. Also they put in cars with teens to reduce accidents as they are something like 3x more likely to get into accidents.

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Fleet tracking ROI

by danh In reply to Could be the same with ot ...

Why is it Spam when all I am doing is providing information on a news item that was sent out yesterday?

I am not advertising for that company or telling you to buy their product.

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if you don't

by Dr Dij In reply to Fleet tracking ROI

work for them then is OK

it did sound kind of slanted to one company - yours?

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Consulting company

by danh In reply to if you don't

I work for a consulting company that deals with many vendors in the GPS tracking arena. I have dealt with large and small vendors as well as Vehiclepath which was mentioned in the press release.

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