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    GPU power drops and game drops frames


    by mohannadtamer77 ·

    so ive been having this issue since my last pc which had a r5 3600 and a rtx 2080 super and 16gb ram all powered by a 650w psu. i got a totally new pc with a rtx 3080 r7 5800x and 32gb ram powered with 850w psu

    full specs of new pc:

    rtx 3080 msi gaming x trio stock settings latest driver(new)

    r7 5800x stock settings(new)

    32gb ram 3200mhz corsair vengeance rgb pro(new) xmp is on

    b550 tomahawk(new)

    2x HDD 1x 1tb WD caviar green(very old) and 1x 2tb seagate barracuda(from previous system)

    2x ssd 1x nvme 250gb(from previous system) 970 evo plus samsung and 1x sata m.2 450gb kingston (os drive which is new)

    windows 10 pro activated

    GX850 PSU from seasonic 80+ gold

    g7 odyssey 1440p 240hz monitor

    things ive tried:

    reinstalling drivers using ddu

    reseating gpu and pcie cables of gpu

    try another gpu (1080 Ti) still had the stuttering and gpu power drop but happened less due to it running at way lower frames than my 3080

    tried another ram

    removed all the hdd and ssd that were from my old computer which are the 970 evo plus and the 2 hard drives and installed a clean copy of windows on my brand new kingston m.2 sata drive

    turning off xmp

    tweaking windows settings

    checking if any background apps are running

    turning off instant replay

    using old gpu driver

    making sure temps are ok

    tweaking nvidia control panel settings

    turning off gsync

    turning off one of my 2 monitors

    i have tried everything software related i think the issue is beyond software, i have a suspicion its my surge protector or my power outlet because im not convinced that my corsair tx650m from my old system and my gx850 psu from my current system are faulty.

    i did try limiting frames to no avail but even if it worked, why limit the frames i have the same right as someone else who owns the same specs and doesnt need to limit frames. i dont know it just makes me annoyed that this happens to me and me only.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, i can come discord if someone wants it would be much easier and i could send screenshots/videos of anything you require to help me

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      Re: frame drops

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to GPU power drops and game drops frames

      – I read that the monitor out of the box needs firmware updates. Did you do that?
      – Are you using DisplayPort or HDMI connection? Same issue if you switch to the other one?
      – Same issue if you lower the refresh rate on this monitor?
      – Same issue on another monitor with lower resolution and lower refresh rate?

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      I must ask.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to GPU power drops and game drops frames

      This sounds very similar to a recent post on reddit /r/techsupport.

      Many good ideas were given there but I don’t think it’s the PSU because there they swapped that out.

      [b]KEES [/b] listed some very good items to check out and do.

      I’ll add what I usually find.

      1. HDDs. This one appears to be very tough on owners. They will always state “but the OS and games are not on the HDDs.” Doesn’t matter. We have encountered this issue over and over and it’s no longer funny.

      “What issue?” The HDDs report in with astronomical values for SMART values 01 and/or 07. These drives should NEVER be attached to a performance or gaming PC. This issue has been discussed many times before and yes, folk seem to want to rehash it again and again. At the shop we can put a time limit on it of about 2 minutes then add time to the bill for a longer discussion.

      2. Item 1. We can see if that issue is in play with SPECCY. Takes just a few minutes and we can save days of troubleshooting. The fix can be as simple as unplug the failing drives (these have not failed but do fail when you consider performance.) Sometimes this isn’t enough and a clean OS install is required but that’s thankfully a rarity.

      3. Time. When a PC is new, Windows Defender and Windows Updates take time to do their thing and gaming can be impacted. There is no quick fix.

      4. Keeping in mind KEES response we always try our own video cables.

      5. I can’t be sure but if the NEW PC doesn’t perform as delivered then it’s a warranty issue and nothing for you to troubleshoot. The maker/seller gets it to work correctly or back it goes.

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