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GPU powerful enough for 32" monitor?

By Edrow ·
Hello. Im looking to get a new larger monitor to help accommodate my eyes as I think my current one LG M2255 is a bit too small now for me as im getting eye strain quick a bit from it - which im beginning to think its due to the size. After doing a quick search im now looking into the LC32F39MFUUXEN as a possibility as it also seems more within in my budget. My question is, will my gpu be powerful enough for it?, ive got a AMD Radeon HD 6670 which replaced the stock gpu due to a mess up of another gpu at time of purchase - was a christmas pres quite a few years ago.

LG M2255
Windows 8
AMD Radeon HD 6670
Model no Advent DT2410
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The GPU doesn't matter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to GPU powerful enough for 3 ...

If it displays properly on a 5 inch monitor it will display the same on a 65 inch monitor the only difference is everything will be much bigger but the resolution and so forth will be exactly the same. The only difference is how much bigger the individual "Windows" open on the screen are.

The bigger monitor may support a higher Refresh Frequency or Resolution than your existing monitor and this is where they may be a difference as the Video Card may not actually support refresh rates or resolutions as high as the monitor can go but generally speaking every monitor I have ever used is not capable of exceeding the Resolutions of the Video Cards that are driving them.

However if your eyes are getting adversely affected look at the refresh rate as if it is wrong for your existing monitor this may be what is causing the problem particularly with Thin Screen Monitors as they strobe at a high rate and this can cause a lot of problems for those looking at them. You need to adjust the distance between the person's eyes and monitor and the Refresh Rate as well as the angle they are viewing if from to get the best results In extreme cases people can have Fits from an incorrectly set Flat Screen Monitor but generally a poorly set monitor will cause Eye Strain to headaches and it is all to do with the frequency that they flash at even though they appear not to they all do.

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GPU for monitor.

by Edrow In reply to The GPU doesn't matter

Thanks for getting back. The main reason I asked all this was because of a yt vid I saw on barnacules nerdgasm - him stating about having a powerful enough gpu for a monitor at 5.40 mark so then I had to take that possibility into account, which lead me to asking here.

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The problem with using TV's instead of Monitors

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to GPU for monitor.

Is just the resolutions that they display at. They do not go as high as a Monitor never will so all they do is make a bigger image which takes up the same percentage of the screen despite the size of the monitor. So if you have a 15 inch monitor and a specific Window takes 25% of the screen on a 65 inch TV it will take the same percentage of space.

What you generally do with a bigger monitor is ramp up the resolution so you get more onto the screen and get a benefit from a bigger screen where as with a TV all you get is bigger images which are only bigger because the screen is bigger.

However where you need to look at the power of a Video Card is when you are running Multi Monitors as a Video Card designed for a single monitor will not drive a 9 Monitor Array anywhere near as well as one designed for that 9 monitor array.

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by tim1592438255 In reply to GPU powerful enough for 3 ...

This made me laugh out loud. Like the monitor dimensions have anything to do with, well, anything. Now RESOLUTION, that matters, but it also depends on what you're doing with it. Using Chrome or playing Fortnight? Again, LOL.

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GPU for monitor.

by Edrow In reply to LOL

Was this in response to OH Smeg's response, or about what I said?
Mainly web browsing and watching online videos.

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