GPU problems!

By mitch2302 ·
Hi, i just built a new computer and installed Vista 64 bit on it and am using a E2200HD Ben Q monitor, but every time i go into bios and change something or reboot my computer, on the next boot, the monitor has no signal at all. i have moved the jumper on to the 2-3 pins and back, and then i get display again, but my bios is reset. what can i do to keep signal on my monitor? fan on the GPU is spinning well, and the rest of the system shows power, but no display and no normal sounds of computer powering up

Edit: every time my monitor loses signal three red led lights at the rear of the GPU light up and stay steady. when i CMOS clear, system works for awhile, but on reboot or shutdown, will lose signal again and have to have a cmos clear again.

Edit2: i just tried using the default onboard graphics that came with my asus mobo, but it has the same problems every time i go into BIOS and tinker around; on mandatory reboot it doesnt show any signal.

Sapphire radeon 4870 HD
AMD Phenom II X4 955
ASUS M4A78T-E Mobo
4x2GB ddr3 ram
650W PSU

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Disable Onboard Video

by TheChas In reply to GPU problems!

What is happening, is that when you enter BIOS setup, you are enabling the on-board video.

You need to make sure that the on-board video is disabled before you save the BIOS settings. This includes making sure that the initial display is your Sapphire card.

Or, you could add a second monitor connected to the onboard video.


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