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I am suppose to do a gpupdate/foce on the computers in my section. I am given limited admin rights. How can i get these to automatically do this themselves, so i dont have to run around to each individual one. Takes longer to login than atually do this annoying task. I tried to set something up using the schedualed tasks but am not sure how to get the cmd gpupdate/force to run once i get the cmd line interface to open. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

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You will need to logon

by Jacky Howe In reply to gpupdate/force

to the File Server with Administrator rights and in the run box type in <b>gpupdate /force</b>

If you haven't sufficient access you will be unable to perform this task. See the Network Administrator.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to gpupdate/force

You may be able to get it to run with a scheduled task (by specifying user/ pwd or selecting to only run if logged on).

You may need to create a batch file to run the commands.

@echo off

cd c:\windows\system32

gpupdate /force


You can simply enter those commands in Notepad as save as gpupdate.bat. Then make sure there is a local copy on each system (or accessible) and schedule the task to run it.
Alternately, you can get it added to a logon script.
Good luck.

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I wonder why :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Systemvolume

someone without the necessary permissions would be asked to run this in the first place.

Could be some sort of problem if gpupdate isn't working. :)

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Task Scheduler

by Jellimonsta In reply to I wonder why :)

I may be obtuse, but wouldn't one need to visit each system to add the task to task scheduler?

[edit: guess you could do this]

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There's a couple of ways that it can be achieved

by Jacky Howe In reply to Task Scheduler

but I just can't fathom why this particular task that normally runs from the File Server at regular intervals has to be added to all of the workstations by someone with a limited account. It's not something that I would normally do. It's also not something that I would ask of a Tech with limited access as it would become to complex.

Task Scheduler and security

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It would save alot of time in the long run.

by Jgates88 In reply to Task Scheduler

Going around to them all one more time and adding a task would be much more time effective than going to them all once every night, esspecially when other things come up. Thanks for your help in this so far.

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This may help you have a better idea of what Im trying to accomplish.

by Jgates88 In reply to I wonder why :)

I can go in and do the command and it works just fine. What Im really trying t supress is to not have to go to every individual machine login and do it. It takes more time loggoin in than to do it. I did some research on this and tell me if Im wrong but from what I was ready it gave me the feeling that gpupdate/force accomplishes the same thing as retarting the computer. could I be a effective as to just go arounf restarting the computers? Im still looking for a solution, and I thank you for the reply.
About the whole permissions thing, we are given some permissions. Things such as adding share drives, resetting paswords, creatiing distribution lists, and adding printers and software we are able to do. But some things we are prevented to do. So I really doubt its a permissions problem. If possible I would just like ot be able to create a schedule that wouldnt boot a user off if they were on. Some people tend to work late, really late. and if possible to do it after they log-off. Thi slast part isnt such a big problem cause most of the com,puters the same user uses and are here the same times everyday. But a few are shared and a couple are 24 hr ,around the clock, between 2 people.

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On more thing...

by Jgates88 In reply to Systemvolume

Im curertnly trying your batch file. but there is one more hangup on the whole thing. After its refreshed hte policies, it asks if you want to reboot, y/n. and of courc=se yes is what I want. in this file would I just add it in and where. Ive never done any scripting, and have been actually wondeing about them, or a good spot mto go and learn about how to use and write them.
thanks again

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by Jellimonsta In reply to On more thing...

You should be able to either put a Y or yes in a line before 'exit' in the script. I would schedule this task daily for 2AM or something, as you know the task only takes minutes to perform.

See if this link helps you out with batch files and scripting...

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I tried that

by Jgates88 In reply to Restart

I tried that before I emailed it. There is a period of time that it refreshes as you know and after that is when it should be restarted.
Right now my batch looks like the following:
@echo off
cd C:\windows\system32
shutdown -t 60
And thanks for the link, the help.
And this worked.

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