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By ixias ·
Looking for a job. Have received two e-mails from recruiters with serious language errors. Guessing from the errors and the names of the senders, English is not their first language. Maybe they would run the text past an experienced English speaker if it was important to them? Settled for a polite reply of non-interest since both jobs were short term contracts.

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Poor Grammar

by BFilmFan In reply to Grammar?

I have ceased being suprised at the poor grammar exhibited in formal business communications.

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They done not learned too good

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Poor Grammar

Too many people not got learned too good when they were in skool. They goof off when they should listen too techur, not know importance of edjukashun.

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Learned yours while getting MS cert?

by jdclyde In reply to They done not learned too ...

Sorry, had to get that in. Just kidding.

But yes, people in general forget that an e-mail should be treated the same as a Memo or letter with all the correct spelling/grammer/formatting.

I still get e-mails in all caps daily. This moves them to the bottom of my "to do list" automatically.

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Speaking of spelling....

by LEASINGRI In reply to Learned yours while getti ...

It is not grammer. It is grammar.

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TR is fair game

by house In reply to Speaking of spelling....

I don't really care much about grammar and spelling at Tech Republic. Most of us do not have the patience or time to proofread and edit our posts. :)

The only issue that I have with posts on TR, is perhaps thick lewt and excessive use of acronyms that are not quite as common as people think. Another issue with the use of acronyms, is perhaps double meanings. Some can be deciphered within the context of the post, but others are lost in translation.

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Acronyms are too confusing

by Montgomery Gator In reply to TR is fair game

Use of Acronyms can get too confusing, especially in Information Technology, with acronyms having more than one meaning. For example:

IP - Internet Protocol or Intellectual Property?
ASP - Active Server Page, or Application Service Provider?

Perhaps ANSI needs to standardize acronyms. :-)

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by house In reply to Acronyms are too confusin ... a key example of this acronym confusion. We should be able to identify it though, through the context of the post.

There should be an acronym standard in IT - you're right on that note. :)

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And some people are just too serious

by jdclyde In reply to Speaking of spelling....

and take everything around them too seriously as well.

A shame that this board doesn't have a spell check on it. Would make me look much better!

: >

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Not over here....

by Choppit In reply to Speaking of spelling....

In the UK, we spell it as Grandma. ;O)

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Re: Business Communications

by house In reply to Grammar?

I noticed that business communications are becoming increasingly more susceptible to bad grammar skills. I don't understand why, even in an email, someone would insist on using slang, lewt, poor sentence structure, improper homophones, and anything else that would consist of bad English.

In my opinion, language skills and professionalism are directly related. I would never hire or refer any such offenders.

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