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Grammical errors

By Ronald T. ·
It is interesting to see that the IT technical writers industry's 6th grade grammar education is working well. After 15 years in the IT industry, I have not found any technical writer that is able to write without blaring grammatical errors.

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Spelling errors

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Grammical errors

It is interesting to see wanna-be proofreaders who either can't spell or can't type 'Grammatical errors'. Also, the word 'errors' in your subject should begin with a capital 'E', since it is a title. I suspect you meant 'glaring' errors, not 'blaring' since the errors aren't making any sounds. Finally, while the author bears some responsibility for grammar and spelling, those are also part of the editor's job.

We'll be able to tell if you fix the post, since the post header will include the date and time of the edit. Now, how about you get out from behind your 'at' and get a life?

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You mean "sixth", technical writers "who", and "glaring" errors correct?

by robo_dev In reply to Grammical errors

Numbers less than ten get spelled-out, so it should be 'sixth grade' not 6th.

Since technical writers are typically human, it should be 'technical writers who' not 'writers that'.

And while some errors are annoying, they tend to stand out, (glare) versus make actual sound (blare).

Sorry, could not resist :)

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