Grant Root permissions to other users

By masoodsharif ·
Dear fellows,

OS= Redhat Linux 3 AS

I am making an script from oracle user which backups all users and create dumps hard disk.

Now from same script I want copy those files on tape drive by following command:

tar -cvf /dev/st0 /oracle..............

permission denied message appears /dev/st0

Plz help me to resolve this issue.

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Do you have access to root?

by marv732 In reply to Grant Root permissions to ...

If you do, try changing the permissions on /dev/st0 to say 777 (or ask your sysadmin to do it for you).
You should then be able to use the tape drive as the oracle user rather than run tar as setuid (never a good idea)

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by masoodsharif In reply to Do you have access to roo ...

Thanks Marv
It solved my problem.

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I have the same problem, permission resets to default on system restart

by eric.bickel In reply to Thanks

I am building a Suse Linux enterprise server 9 sp2, and I have pulled the current patches.

When I attempt to back up I get the same failure as masoodsharif. I I have reset the permissions as Marv stated, and I can then get a back up, but when I restart the system, it changes those permissions back to the default of:
crw-rw---- 1 root disc 9
How can I lock the permissions to the 777 value?

Thanks for any help.

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by grace In reply to I have the same problem, ...

having same problem. were you able to solve?
pls help.

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by nasim_danish1 In reply to Grant Root permissions to ...

Same type of problem, I was facing..
I think you need to give full permission to /dev/st0
#chmod 777 /dev/st0 and start to take backup

>tar -cvf /dev/st0 /oracle..........

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