Grants/Fin Aid for certifications

By cdemartino ·
I was having a discussion with someone i worked with on a contract job, and we got into talking about certifications. He mentioned something about since Obama took office, there has been a program instituted that can be claimed for acquiring certifications (returning to school).

Does anybody know anything about this, or if it even exists?

Thanks in advance,

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I also would be interested in finding...

by aaronbav In reply to Grants/Fin Aid for certif ...

out. I work(ed) in the Architecture profession as a designer/CAD/Network/PC Geek, and was let go in Jan 08. Managed to find a CAD drafting gig out in Dallas (I'm in Atlanta) in Nov 08, but was laid off again in Mar 09... Been looking for work ever since. Been doing some in home PC repair/upgrades/networking (mostly spyware/virus removal - I'm still absolutely stunned at how clueless some people are about PC's). Anyway it looks like if I am ever going to find work again, I'm going to need to try and obtain some kind of certification - our finances have been devastated and we are just barely hanging on... I never would have ever imagined We would ever be in this situation - I have a college degree and have always worked hard, and consider myself very good at building/maintaining/troubleshooting PC's, Servers and network issues - I have always been the "goto" guy frineds and relatives would always "goto" when they had PC/Network problems... Now I can't find work at all!!!

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