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By maggielou43 ·
Ref my previous posts. I recently installed a Nvidia quadro 290 dual graphics card to enable dual monitors.

I have previously only had PC's with on board graphics. (In this case Intel G41 chipset) so I really dont know what to expect.
The Nvidia PCI card did not come with a fan neither was one recommended.

Lookng inside my case there does not appear to be anywhere close enough to the card to fit a fan that would make any real difference.
I do not do any intensive graphic work. Surfing the web is about as intensive as it gets, but after a couple of hours when I put my fingers on top of the graphic card , after 6 seconds I really want to remove them. Is this normal.
There are 2 existing fans in the casing, one approx. 6" below the card and another higher but to the side.
Im worried that this may be a fire hazzard so your urgent advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Yes this is normal

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to GRAPHIC CARD GETTING HOT

The GPU of any Video Card gets hot

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Now lets see if this works

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to GRAPHIC CARD GETTING HOT

The Graphic Processing Unit or GPU on any Video Card gets Hot sometimes, very hot and if you can leave your finger on it without getting burnt then it's not really hot just a bit warm. The Heatsink you are describing is a Passive Heatsink so it's much bigger than one with a fan on it to allow a bigger surface area to shed the heat.

If you must have a fan on it which doesn't sound necessary there are fans that come made up that take a space on the back panel and fit in beside the Video Card which can keep it cool. Though they will occupy the space that otherwise would be taken by a Plug In Card and that may be important or it may not be in your case I'm not sure which it is.

By your description everything is fine though.


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