Graphic card turns off, monitor shuts down

By simcat ·

I have a strange problem and I do not know what to begin with.
I have Asus P5K mb and Asus GTX260 graphic card. PSU is 400W. WinXP.
For about 3 months everything had been working perfectly. Several weeks ago the monitor started to lose video signal and go to sleep mode (and did not wake up). The thing is this can happen any time, not only in power consuming games - during movie, reading, surfing. At first, rebooting helped. Then it got worse - I could not even pass through Windows loading screen. When monitor shuts down, the sounds are as if the loading stops. And yes, when I am watching movie - after monitor loses signal movie sound also stops in two seconds.
Sometimes when I reboot monitor is off from the beginning, and beeps tell me that there is no VGA card. I cleaned the connectors, but that did not help.
I searched some technical forums, and saw advice to update the drivers. During the update process in Windows the problem repeated, video signal was lost. I successfully rebooted and tried again, and at the same place of drivers update that happened again.
I rebooted in safe mode, deleted old driver of the card, and installed the most recent.
For a couple of days it worked ok.
I even rebooted several times in a row to test, no failures.
But then the problem returned. Now sometimes there is no video signal at all, sometimes Windows loading completes successfully, but in several minutes lost video signal again.
Onboard temperature of VGA even in 3d does not exceed 60C.
It might be PSU problem (not enough power), but again, it worked properly for several months.
Sorry for the long text, but I am really confused with this.

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Card or power issue

by BFilmFan In reply to Graphic card turns off, m ...

Power supplies can sometimes gradually fail and then reach a point where they breakdown supplying power due to overheating. As teh heat increases in the power supply, the impedence rises (think resistance) and generates more heat, which breaks the unit down even faster. Typically this is an electrolytic capacitor that is the source of the problem, but unless you are an electrical engineer, you aren't going to find it.

You may also need firmware updates for the system board and BIOS to run some of the newer cards.

You could also have a video card that has been damaged because it didn't get enough power, which is an issue known as brown-out burn.

Replace the power supply.

Update the firmware.

Update the drivers.

If the issue doesn't go away, bad video card.

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GTX 260 500W min Power

by 2BlueUK In reply to Card or power issue

Thats right the card you are trying to use is a power hungry monster.
Time for a new PSU.

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by ---TK--- In reply to GTX 260 500W min Power

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For a "Asus P5K" and your graphic card................

You will need a 650 watt or higher to over come your issue.
Your computer is shutting down because it does not have enough power to support it. So get hold of another power supply, get hold of a 700 watt, or over, and you will be fine. :)

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sounds like your pushing your PSU to the limit

by Snuffy09 In reply to Graphic card turns off, m ...

or the power supply is failing/going bad. Whatever the reason id suggest getting a NEW 500-550 watt PSU.

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I will try a new PSU

by simcat In reply to sounds like your pushing ...

Many thanks for your replies! I will update you on how the things are going when I try a new PSU.

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New PSU solved the trouble

by simcat In reply to I will try a new PSU

Yesterday I finally got to the shop and purchased a new PSU - now I have 700W Thermaltake.
It seems to work ok, so I think the problem's solved.
Thanks a lot for your advice!

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Don't forget

by Jacky Howe In reply to New PSU solved the troubl ...

<i>If you think that any of the posts that have been made by all TechRepublic Members, have solved or contributed to solving the problem, please Mark them as <b>Helpful</b> so that others may benefit from the outcome. </i> :-bd
<b>How do I rate the answers to my posted Question?</b>
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what button?

by balge In reply to Don't forget

I see no 'helpful?' button ...
I see 'report as spam', I see 'post a reply', I see 'save' I just cant see any mark 'helpful'
this is with two different browsers too
Am I too thick to live?

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Did you post the original question

by Jacky Howe In reply to what button?

under another account? If you did you will need to logon with that account to be able to mark the answers as Helpful.

LOL, life is what you make it.

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