Graphic card

By Emaad nakhwa ·
I am using an Nvidia GE Force 8600 GT Graphics card.

Size: 512 mb

Memory speed: 1.4 GHz

My memory bus speed is 800 MHz. Is my card performing at its best?

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Difficult to tell really ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Graphic card

Are you happy with the video capability that is being produced?

Graphics cards are strange beasts - if you are content with what they produce, then you are happy to use your computer basically. If they are NOT performing properly - you'll soon know about it.

As for whether any particular card is performing at its best - realistically speaking, overclocking a video card will not produce any evidence of increased performance because the human eye can only take in a finite amount of information.

I don't quite understand your question.

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You are looking at 2 different speeds here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Graphic card

And then trying to imply that they have a bearing on one and other.

They don't the Memory Bus Speed is what is being feed to the CPU at 800 MHZ.

The Video Cards Memory Speed which is always faster than System RAM Speeds is the speed that the Video RAM feeds the Graphic Processing Unit a GPU on the Video Card that is dedicated to generating Video Only.

When you use a Plug In Video Card the GPU and it's Memory Speeds are always faster than the system speeds because it needs to generate the video without any lags.

So in answer to your question Yes the Video Card is most likely Performing at it's Best and being a NVidia Chip Set I would advise against overclocking it as NVidia has had issues with their Chip Sets in the past overheating and degrading drastically. Some consider it a design fault which it very well may be.

But the real answer here is if you are happy with the Video Output of the Card then it's OK but if you are unhappy with it then it needs replacing.


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